Just please don't lose your faith in me.

I realised yesterday that out of my 30 items I had six unworn. Six!! That means I've only worn 24 of my items and I'm nearly halfway there. I'm still blaming the state of my knees at the moment- I don't want to wear a nude skirt with black tights when it's nearly July. 30 for 30 is getting kinda frustrating but I'm determined to stick it out. However, it has forced me to stop shopping. When I know I can't wear anything new for another two weeks it kinda takes the fun out of shopping!! I did order a skirt last night though- I am so naughty!! I have a very silly excuse though. I skyped my friend American BFF Michelle last night and her dog is called Zara. Before I knew it I was on the Zara website. I talked yesterday about my obsession with orange and turquoise, so how could I resist a turquoise skirt?

This morning, I went through all the photos on my blog that were taken by Erick and wrote a list of all the things I liked about other people taking my pictures- the mix of landscape and portrait shots, a mix of heights etc. and then spent some time playing with my tripod and adjusting the height. I tend to just go outside, snap a few pictures, do all the same poses and the same faces and then come back and feel a little disappointed that they all look the same. I have plenty of time on my hands at the moment so I really want to work on my self-portraits.

I managed to fill my time today without being too bored. I had a lie in til ten, which was amazing. I feel so refreshed today!! Then I responded to email and sorted a few things out on my blog and headed to a little cafe to get a latte and read for a bit. I finally caved and bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I've only read about 50 pages but I'm enjoying it so far. I ordered some of my books for next year today. I'd been a bit annoyed about not getting into a class I wanted to take, but I decided the one I'd been put into instead sounded pretty good. It turns out one of my friend's friends took the class and said it was great, and gave me the name of a couple of books to get, so I ordered them today. I want to get as many read as I can before I go back so I have a bit of a a head-start. Anyway so then I went back to that vintage store I was telling you about and gave them my card. It's such a great little shop, I hope I can work with them somehow, and then I went to get my eyebrows waxed. Yes, that was the highlight of my day. My life is so exciting!!

This outfit idea came to me last night. I really wanted a lighter denim shirt (it's on my list for post 30 for 30 shopping) but I do love this one. It goes with everything!! As I mentioned last time though it is really tight, especially over my boobs (and I don't exactly have huge boobs!!), plus this is about 2 sizes bigger than the size I normally am in shirts!! I really wanted to wear these floral shorts, but they do really go better with a tank and bare legs. But I guess that's the point of 30 for 30- to go outside your comfort zone. It really does force me to make different choices. I mentioned a few days ago that my tan ballet flats had rubbed my feet so I kinda found myself in a bit of a shoe-rut, which was a challenge, but I would probably never have put my beige oxfords with this outfit, but I really like it!! I also really like the navy tights here too. I find black a bit harsh for summer (plus I live in black opaque tights the whole rest of the year) but I really embrace navy. My summer coat (which I wore today) is also navy.

floral shorts- Topshop
denim shirt- H&M
oxfords- New Look

I have no idea what I'm doing tomorrow yet. I have a to-do list of things I've been putting off- articles to write, books to review, emails to send... all those things you don't want to do!! Well, with yet another day off and work experience all next week and work all weekend I should probably get on it!!

Hope you've had a lovely day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I absolutly love these floral shorts, especially with the denim top!! I love florals and denim together, the fact that these are shorts makes it even cooler.
    I love the way my pictures turn out with others taking them too, much more variety.
    ps. I may have to buy that zara skirt too, it's soo amazing

  2. Those floral shorts go so well with the purple tights. I have some purple tights so maybe I should get some floral shorts and try this out :D

  3. what cute floral shorts, love the 90s vibe :)

  4. awww dont' feel bad. i'm sure you'll do great with the last 6 pieces. ;)
    plus i love this chambray top!


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