Shades of Grey

Getting dresses this morning was a challenge. I'd planned, originally, on wearing a few outfits this week that involved bare legs or skin coloured tights. However, after my crash yesterday my knees look like this...

...and unfortunately, fat, purple knees are yet to become cool, so I was forced into black tights. The first outfit I tried on didn't really work, which frustrated me, so this is kinda simple. It's the kind of outfit I wanted to be able to create as part of 30 for 30. Something simple that I could just throw on without having to think too much about it. Something comfy and easy. These shorts are too big now and the zip is broken but I've had them for about 3 years and absolutely adore them. And the tshirt is from Walmart. 

One of the rules of 30 for 30 (which I chose to ignore), was no shopping for the 30 days, but I found yesterday that I didn't want to shop. When you know you have 27 more outfit to create without including anything new, the appeal of a new dress or a new top is kind of gone- you know you won't get to wear it for three more weeks. However, accessories are still exciting, so I bought a new hat which I thought made this outfit a little more exciting.

shorts- topshop
tshirt- walmart
ballet flats- H&M
cardigan- river island (stolen from mum)
hat- H&M

Today has been spent resting and trying to recover, but I still feel like death. The whiplash kicked in yesterday and the stress of everything has left me utterly exhausted and all I want to do it sleep. I'm in quite a bit of pain, but I have to just keep reminding myself how much worse it could have been. Thanks again for all your lovely messages and comments. It really means the world to me after such a horrible time. I managed to drag myself outside for 5 minutes to take these pictures and actually thought they came out okay, considering. 

Well I'm going to veg out for a while and hope the pain relief tablet I took earlier kick in soon. I haven't skyped Erick for over a week and we'd made plans to speak tonight so I have to stay up until he gets home from work. I hate time differences!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Whoa! Your poor legs! Hope it gets better soon! Anyway, love this look, and how you layered it. You kinda have to layer in the 30 for 30 or else it just gets too monotonous! Come feature this look in my layering linky party if you have some time...its a great one!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. You still look fantastic, and your spirit is inspiring to say the least. Hope you heal quickly.

  3. I'm just SO GLAD that you're well. That's more than enough to be thankful for. Get well soon! The hat is to die for. (I'm currently obsessed with boater hats)

  4. Oh my god, your poor knees!! That doesn't look like fun! I love your outfit though, that striped vest with the top looks really great, I love this look. Very rocker chic.
    Im glad you're okay!

  5. Love those shorts and your hat! I wish I could feel like I don't need to shop anymore. Lately, I've been feeling quite the opposite. I can't seem to stop myself from thrifting everywhere. I really hope you recover quickly!
    Love & Labels

  6. glad you're doing better :D and yay for tights/stockings to hide the bruises :( you look great!

  7. It's good to see you getting back into the swing of things step by step!
    I remember getting into just a small accident about 4 years ago and even though it was nothing major the whiplash was still crazy painful! From looking at your knees it seems that your accident was much worse than mine and so I hate to think how much worse your whiplash is :( Feel better soon!

  8. Evil time differences indeed! My boyfriend usually winds up taking a nap around midnight on Saturday nights so that he'll be awake when I crawl home around 3-4am hah.

    Your poor legs :( I'm still glad you made it out okay. An aunt of mine got in a car accident and nearly lost her left leg when it was pinned at the thigh.

  9. woah. where did you get all the bruises from!?? that's horrible. I love all these shots!


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