Double Denim

Readers, what do you do with your beloved, but now-too-big clothes? I adore these shorts but they're a bit too big now and I find them hang in a horribly unflattering way. I often belt them as tight as I can but they bunch up a bit, and here I kinda tried to pull them down off my waist and more onto my hips. I absolutely adore them but they just don't look as good anymore!!

This outfit was actually first worn over a year ago, but it was during my exams and while my blog was on hiatus. I remember being quite nervous when I first wore it, because double-denim was quite a new trend this time last year, but this time I felt fine!! I am getting really sick of wearing tights. I did try skin-coloured ones today but my knees are still black and blue. I'm not sure how I feel about these shoes but my brown flats rubbed my feet a lot yesterday and are really sore, and these were the only flat shoes in my 30 for 30 that went with my outfit!!

I had a really great day today. I wrote articles this morning and then my Dad took me to the vintage shop I mentioned yesterday. I had a lovely chat with the lady who works there, but didn't have any of my business cards with me so I'm going to pop down again this week. I'd love to write a review of their store and try a few things on. I then walked into Stockport but like I said last time, I didn't really see anything I loved. 30 for 30 is still kinda overwhelming so I know I really don't need any more clothes!! I am desperate for a brown necklace though. My beloved owl necklace has been missing for a while now. I was hoping to find it in my apartment in Duluth when I moved out but it didn't turn up- I'm hoping it's in a bag or a pocket or something!! I did buy some makeup and nail varnish though- I'm thinking of doing more makeup posts.

shorts- miss selfridge
lace top- select
denim jacket- new look
brogues- new look

Thank you for all your lovely well wishes about my Grandad!! I actually got to bus to go and see him at the hospital and got passed from pillar to post trying to find him, before being told he'd been let out that morning!! I called him up and he sounded good and I had a bit of a laugh with him telling him I'd been looking all over for him!!

These photos were taken in a bit of a rush because my parents went out so I decided to text my home friends and see if they wanted to do something, so we decided to go to the cinema. It was a lot of fun and great to see the girls, plus it was kinda reassuring and made me feel better about being home. My home friends are great and really are so close, I don't really have any excuse to be lonely!!

I apparently really liked touching my hair today

Hope your day was as lovely as mine!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. you are just acing this thing.
    i love how you matched the denim on denim. brave and you pull it off!

  2. double-denim has always made me nervous, but you're rocking it, girl. seriously. look awesome.

  3. Oh I absolutely love the denim on denim look on you and your hair is amazing! If clothes are too big (or small) for me, I host a clothing swap party! Now following :) xo Emily (fellow remixer)

  4. I think those shorts look great on you still! I love that it's high waisted, the buttons are adorable. And the fact that you can pull off denim on denim makes me envious.
    Love & Labels

  5. If you really like 'em, maybe you could try taking them in a little? Otherwise I usually just send my too-big clothes to the thrift store once they're so big I can't even wear 'em baggy anymore. I like the pearl necklace. :)

    My Tuesday was okay, but a bit sad. I said my goodbyes to a dear friend of mine who's leaving the city to move across the country.

  6. This version of denim on denim is actually really cool. It doesn't look western or tacky cowboy-ish at all!

  7. I like this denim on denim outfit, it looks cute.
    and I love your accessories :)


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