Northern Blogger Meet Up

I mentioned this in my last post but it wasn't completely obvious (my last post was kinda wordy) so I'm reposting this from Sian's blog.

Sian and I have been planning to meet up for a while, and we thought that while we were at it, we might organize a Meet Up for all style bloggers in the North of England. Of course, anyone who's able to get there is welcome to come!!
We just want to know how much interest we can generate at the moment, so if you'd be interested in coming, please leave a comment below or email at
So far we've decided that it'll be happening in York (hopefully that's an easy place for most people to get to), and will be sometime in the end of July, probably the last week. I wasn't sure but I thought a Saturday would be best for most people? So possibly the 24th or 31st of July. (Let me know which date is best for you if y
ou would like to come!!)

We haven't planned any details of what we'll be doing yet, but possibly starting with a picnic in the Museum Gardens then we can go on to do something else! Any suggestions are very welcome!!
So I'm putting up a grab button in my sidebar, please could anyone who has a lot of readers in the North of England (or anywhere in the UK!) or who's interested in coming, please grab the button and let your readers know about it so we can get more interest! Don't forget to let me know if you'd be interested in it or have any ideas :]]


  1. Hey!
    I'm not sure if you have noticed my little blog or me following you as I only recently discovered yours, but I'm Sarah and I'm from Newcastle. I would defo be up for this (York is fantastic and v easy to get to for me) Either date would be ok for me but obviously the more notice I have the better so the 31st may be better.
    Sounds very exciting! I can't wait :)

  2. hey! i'd love to come to this, especially seeing as i don't know many northern bloggers. i'm from newcastle too, so york would be easy to travel to. 31st july preferably :) love, elle x


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