Guest Post: Amy of Fashion's A Stranger

My final post is from Amy (who got this post together in a couple of hours- what a doll!!), who I met through blogging and found out she's from the same town as me, how crazy is that?

Hello lovelies! My name is Amy, and I own Fashion’s A Stranger. To start with, I just want to thank Charlotte for inviting me to guest blog for her. It’s an honour to get such an offer, especially ‘cause I love reading Girl Next Door Fashion! I’m only stopping by to say a brief hello, thanks for reading!

So, I’m from just down the road from the charming Charlotte herself, in the North West of England. Like her, though, I’m taking a break from our beloved country and am currently working as an English teacher in South Korea. I’ve been here for 9 months so far, and it’s been a mixture of amazing and stressful, a huge culture shock, and the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.
It’s tough being myself when it comes to fashion here though, so many rules to get used to. Showing your shoulders is a no-go, but wearing skirts that bare more skin than if I just wore my granny knickers down the street is totally fine. Shopping is always an issue as apparently breasts are relatively uncommon in Korea, too. And then, well, there’s the fact that I’m a teacher and have to be ‘conservative’. I like wearing outfits like this:

Dress: Miss Selfridge, Boots: ModCloth, Tights: Marks and Spencer, Headband: Accessorize, Bracelet: Links of London, Watch: Tesco.

But I have started to revert to more ‘plain and boring’ outfits like this:

Dress: a Korean Boutique, Shoes: cheap shoe store, Tights: Marks and Spencer, Sunglasses: Ray-Bans, Belt: thrifted, Bracelet: gift.

 Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to jazz up a teachers outfit?! If you want to learn more about beauty and fashion in Korea, or life as a teacher here, then scoot on over to my blog if you get chance!


  1. Ohh great guest post, that sounds very interesting to change cultures like that!
    Hmm I would say go for interesting patterned dresses/skirts and colourful cardigans to spice up the teacher wardrobe.

  2. I'd suggest broaches to jazz things up! Broaches aren't too loud, but they can put a fun spin on things since they come in every size and shape and colour imaginable.

  3. Great post!
    You can find inspiration to dress like a teacher here:
    I love them too. :D


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