Things I did in San Francisco

Instead of doing an epic travel post like I did for Chicago, I've decided just to do a list of fun things I did in San Francisco and a few photos to go with it. I promise I'll be back to outfit posts and the usual stuff. Thanks again so much to my wonderful guest bloggers- I hope you enjoyed them and found some amazing new bloggers to follow :]]

- experienced the worst turbulence of my life
- danced to a jazz band in Union Square
- snagged free chocolate samples- I did this a lot
- ate vegan food
- tried on lipsticks in Walgreens
- spent hours looking for a market that was closed
- walked past about a million Walgreens stores
- visited cute San Fran boutiques
- found dresses from Modcloth for a quarter of the price
- touched a starfish
- saw Saturn through a telescope
- caught flu
- tried on clothes
- walked a lot
- hurt my knee
- saw a shoe garden in Alamo Park
- went to Buena Vista Park
- took photos of the views

- ate more amazing vegan food
- went to Golden Gate Park
- went to bed at 8.30pm
- visited the Saturday morning markets
- took a trip to Marin County

- took a LOT of photos of trees
- got rained on
- broke my ipod
- went to Chinatown
- drunk Mimosas and ate sushi at 11.30am

- visited the Castro district
- saw a naked man
- hung out at the park
- ate ice cream

- spent an hour in Sephora
- bought lipstick
- lost self control in the Urban Outfitters sale
- went to the Golden Gate Bridge

- rode a trolley
- saw the Sea Lions at Pier 39
- went to Alcatraz
- ate clam chowder in a sour dough bowl
- ate ice cream in Ghiridelli square
- spent far too long reading funny cards in a little card shop
- got locked in a mall after hours
- got wet, again
- went to the Museum of Modern Art
- ate salads at the best salad place ever
- bought gifts
- got asked if we were hookers
- partied San Fran style
- came back home and told you all about it (and probably forgot a lot) !!


  1. Sounds like a fun fun trip! love some of these candid shots- I have to visit Cali someday! Haven't made it further west than Tennessee sadly.

  2. "Got locked in a mall after hours"???? Please tell that story, haha!

  3. Oh wow it sounds like you had an amazing time!! And these photos are all brilliant =) Can't wait to see all the things you bought =D

  4. Haha, that sounds amazing, and the photos are beautiful. 'Lost self control in the Urban Outfitters sale' and 'Got stuck in a mall after hours' gave me a good giggle xo

  5. Hmmm, mimosas and sushi, sounds like the perfect early lunch. And oh my goodness locked in a mall?! eeek! Love how you've laid out this post such a fun idea. And lovey your dress with the Peter Pan collar too. Welcome back!! xx veronika

  6. Great photo's, sounds like you had a lovely time :)

    L x

  7. This sounds like an amazing trip, I have definitely always wanted to go to San Francisco, it looks so fun! I am jealous you got to go to alcatraz and see the golden gate bridge. Sounds like you had a lot of adventures dear

  8. Wow looks like you covered a lot! The shoe garden sounds pretty interesting. glad you had such a fun trip! xx

  9. Love the photos, looks like you did everything while you were there! I've always wanted to go to SanFran and this makes me want to visit even more xx

  10. Where did you find all the Modcloth clothes at half the price?! I'm playing a San Fran trip this summer and would LOVE to stop at that store :)

  11. Really nice selection of pictures. Nice mood, thanks for sharing!

  12. Sounds like an incredible trip!! I'd love to go back to San Francisco :D

    xo Sarah

  13. That looks amazing! I'm so glad you had an awesome time. And I love that you included all the awesome food you nom'ed, heh.

  14. Ha at first I thought your list was called "FUN Things I did in San Francisco" and I was like...since when is having the flu fun? Regardless of illness, it still looks like you had an amazing time! Glad you survived. ;)

  15. what a blast!! i love vacas. Great phots! <3

  16. Looks like you had a fantastic time in SF! :D Adorable photographs as well. :)


  17. Sounds like you had fun! I'm so jealous - I've never been to America before and I'm dying to go! I can't believe you got asked if you were a hooker! How rude! x x


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