30 for 30 Outfit Round Up

All 30 outfits in all their glory...

Wow. 30 for 30 is finally over. I am excited to wear some different clothes and show you some of the clothes I've bought over the last much-more-than-30-days. But this has been a real challenge and has been a lot of fun. But I have a lot of things to reflect on.
One thing I think it strange is how much has happened during this time. Two lots of work experience. A car crash. The start of my long distance relationship, and then the end. It makes me incredibly sad to think about the fact that when I started this challenge the only thing bothering me was being away from my boyfriend, but during that time I was in a car crash, wrote off my car, and broke up with my boyfriend. It's been a tough time.
But alas. Let's talk about the challenge.
One thing I was worried about was that my outfits would look too similar. During the early days of this challenge I became very, very attached to my orange skirt and was worried I wore it too much, but I don't think it seems too obvious looking over the outfits. But I do think I chose too many similar colours and patterns. I used a lot of orange, denim, florals, stripes, nude and black. When I look over my items I did go a bit too "themey". Denim shorts, denim shirt, cropped jeans, denim jacket. Stripey skirt, stripey top, stripey cardigan. Floral shorts, two floral tops, floral dress. Nude skirt, nude tank. Orange top, orange skirt. Black shorts, black tshirt, black top, black leather jacket. I thought a bit too much about making things "match." All my outfits seem to involve either denim, florals or stripes. I didn't do this intentionally- I guess I just like florals, stripes and denim! I also only wore my jeans, my black top and my black shorts once, and my black dress twice.
Another thing I think I slipped up on was shoes. I only wore my brogues 3 times and my nude shoes didn't appear til Day 21. I think I picked good shoes that went with everything, but my choices were a little boring. 
I had a few challenges throughout this. First of all, my car crash made a mess of my knees so I was forced to wear tights for the first few weeks, which limited my options. Secondly, the changeable British weather. Some days I could wear bare legs and no jacket. Other days I needed to be wrapped up in tights and a jacket. Summer was definitely the easiest time for this. I'd like to do it again, but I think I'd struggle in Autumn or Spring because the weather is so inconsistent. 
I think for next time I would incorporate more accessories (though I think I definitely learnt a lot about accessorising during this challenge!) and plan a lot less. Most of these outfits were planned weeks ago!
On reflection, I really enjoyed this challenge, but it dragged. I wish I could have done it in the 30 days, or most sort of 40. Dragging it out for almost 60 made it exhausting. I'd really like to do it again, but I think Autumn would be harder. We'll see. My favourite outfits are 12, 14, 15, 20, 23, 25, 26, 28 and 29. This challenge has definitely made me realise that I have far, far too many clothes, but has given me lots of inspiration for what to do with them.
Looking over these pictures makes me overwhelmingly proud and happy, two feelings I have not felt the last few days. And that, if nothing else, is something to be thankful for.

Charlotte xxx


  1. I think #'s 14, 23, 27 and 29 are my favourite outfits from all this. Part of me wants to give 30 for 30 a try, and considering I re-wear a lot of the same stuff, it MIGHT be possible... I just have a feeling I'd not be able to finish it.

  2. I love almost all your outfits! I guess if I would do 30 for 30 it would look boring, but you are really creative with your combinations, I like it ;)

  3. I love your combinations!! This may have taken you longer than you wanted it to but it turned out wonderful. I love 1, 6,14, 15, 29. You had so much going on during all this it's impressive you finished!! I hope you're feeling a bit better

  4. congrats honey! i loe number 8, 15 and 23 the most! such a good remixer you are. hope you are doing well, i read your last post!! thinking of you xo

  5. I think my favorite is day 15!! I sort of abandoned my idea for doing a personal 30x30 or 15x15 simply because I feel like I can't pick anything to wear for that long, ha ha!! I think you've done a wonderful job, even though it took you longer than 30 days ... you've been through a LOT in the past two months, it is kind of ridiculous! Good job. xo

    xo Michelle

  6. I think my favorite is Number 22, How did you fold your dress over to make it into a skirt? When I tried this I found that the material kept bunching up in to a big bulge under my bum, not exactly the look I was going for.
    I love reading your blog, and have been a bit of a lurker for a while now being too shy to comment.
    I was really sad to hear about your break up but I'm sure you will move on from it and continue to delight your many readers with your great sense of style and your fantastic blogging style.
    All the Best,

    Suzzy (Southampton Uni)

  7. I've wanted to do this for so long, but was too much of a scaredy cat. I think you may have given me just the push I need to do it!


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