Turn up the brightness

This outfit represents my favourite colour combinations at the moment- orange, pink and turquoise. Actually, just give me orange and turquoise and I'm happy. I'm glad to be back on 30 for 30 again, and to be back blogging again!! I've had lots of ideas for 30 for 30, and it's frustrating how long it's taking me, but I guess life just keeps getting in the way!! I am glad, though, that my knees have fully recovered so I can finally wear skin coloured tights again, however, I am constantly tearing them!! I'd had the orange and pink combination in my mind for a while, but I picked up this turquoise belt and turquoise socks yesterday and had to throw them in too. I also did my eyes to match...

 I think I'll be wearing a lot of orange and turquoise over the next few months. It's just such a bright, vibrant combination- I think this is one of my favourite ever outfits. I've been looking for outfit inspiration everywhere lately, and I'm excited to try out some of the colour combinations I've found in the strangest places. I'm not really into accessorizing normally, but 30 for 30 is definitely helping me with this. This outfit would not have quite the same effect without the splashes of turquoise.

It's been lovely to have a day off today, even though my anticipated lie-in ended at 8.30am. I felt fine until this afternoon when I was desperate for a cheeky nap!! It was so nice to get up, work out, reply to emails that have been labeled "mark as unread" for over a week and actually get stuff done. I did end up so busy today, though, that when Erick woke up I said "hey, reply to my facebook message before you go to work", and then realised I'd not actually replied yet!! Sorry, Erick!! Today has been super-exciting though, but I'm not going to tell you why just yet. You'll know on Thursday!!

Sorry I was too busy last week to update. My work experience was really interested but it took a lot out of me commuting so much every day. I was basically working in the subbing department of a group of magazines and my  jobs were mainly editing stories, sorting out layout and fact checking. It was exciting to really work at a magazine and see how it works for a few days.

tank top- topshop
skirt- H&M
belt- dorothy perkins
shoes- blowfish

I'm sure I had loads of other things to tell you, but I can't think of anything else to add right now!! I am very excited that my university- University of Birmingham- are going to be on University Challenge tonight though- come on Birmingham!!

Have a lovely Monday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. LOVE this outfit! I wouldn't be able to pull it off...but it looks great on you ;) PS. I MISS YOOOU!

  2. I loove the brights in this outfit, orange and turquoise together so much!! The pink, orange look great together and the splashes of teal are really wonderful. Love your socks!

  3. Love this outfit! Beautiful color combos :)

  4. I adore this color combination! The splashes of turquoise are such a great touch, and you look gorgeous in orange.

  5. Your color-blocking is fantastic! I love this outfit and I love these colors together!


  6. the colors in this outfit are so fun, this is hands down one of my favorite outfits of yours


  8. your waist is so teeny honey!!! loving this colour combo too, its so vibrant and fun

  9. Great outfit! I love all the bright colours I am seeing right now!x


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