Matchy Matchy

Today was supposed to be an outfit post day, but I was tired and uncomfortable when I got home from work, so instead I decided to put my pajamas on. At 5.30pm. So instead, I'm bringing you a little musing on my style.

When I look over pictures of my outfits, one thing that spring to mind is that my style is very organised. Very matched. It reflects the way I am in real life. A little too controlled, a little obsessive, neurotic and organised. Everything has to "go", everything has to "match". This explains my constant need for clothes in all different colours and styles. This explains why I have shoes in every colour from yellow to teal and black shoes in half a dozen different styles. I have a very clear idea about what "works" and what doesn't. And the way in which I create my outfits is almost always very meticulous.

When I think of an outfit in my head, the shoes will always match in some way. Taking a colour from somewhere in the outfit, be it the belt or the top or the jewellery. The idea of wearing a completely random pair of shoes makes me nervous. The idea of wearing black shoes with a tan-coloured belt has a similar effect. I can't wear a cardigan in a slightly-different shade of pink to the pink in the dress. Everything has to be very ritualised.

Now I come to wonder, am I weird? Is it just me who has to have everything matching perfectly? Who always needs a new pair of shoes or a new cardigan whenever a new colour comes in for the season? Am I the only person who can't create a completely thrown-together outfit? I envy girls who can create something that looks so un-thought-through. I envy that effortless thrown-together look. I envy girls who can mix colours and combinations in a completely unique way. I guess I will never be that kind of girl.

And the picture? My new teal turquoise shoes and turquoise cardigan. Because turquoise is my colour of the moment. And I can't possibly not match.


  1. I have an aunt like that who won't wear a red scarf unless it is the EXACT same red as her jacket. I am not that nearly that bad, I do usually try to match my shoes to something else in my outfit. Not a PERFECT match but to at least 'go with'. UNLESS they are serious 'statement' shoes. My bright coral 4 inch heels do not care what else I have on they just look fabulous!

  2. I am the exact same way when it comes to clothes. I have to match and all the colors have to "go together" in a neat and organized way. I'm trying to break myself of this. Sometimes I'll be a little daring and try to thrown on some shoes that don't match exactly perfect. I usually second guess myself until I take them off. Also, I love turquoise. It's one of my new favorite colors. And turquoise and red are a killer combo!

  3. i am completely opposite of you, but still have all the different colors of shoes, shirts and skirts! but for me, it's because i like to mix and match colors. in the end, we all just like to have a lot of shoes, right? i love your turquoise ones!

  4. I always need to match too!! I think that's why I have trouble with color-blocking haha


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