Skype, Leopard Print and 72 Pairs of Shoes

Who wants to hear a funny story about this outfit? Well, remember when I went to San Francisco and I mentioned that my friend Michelle and I were mistaken for hookers? Well, this was what I was wearing. After I told Erick about the being-mistaken-for-a-hooker incident, he admitted that he wasn't that surprised because "well do you really think you dress modestly when you go out?" (Yeah, they say romance isn't dead...) But when I showed him that I was wearing this- just a tank top and skirt, leopard ankle socks and heels (I was also wearing a leather jacket- San Fran is cold!!- and you couldn't see my leopard bra through my shirt as you can today), he accepted that I didn't look that slutty. So there you go. This is my hooker outfit.

Erick and I had a lovely Skype chat last night. I felt as though I laughed the whole hour and a half we were talking.  It can get really hard sometimes and I worry that we'll have nothing to say to each other when we speak. I sometimes forget how well we get on and all the stuff we have in common and the memories we have. I feel as though I've been on a little happy buzz since last night. I'm a very happy girl. You guys have been awesome though. I can't believe how many of my readers are in Long Distance Relationships too!! It's always great to talk to someone going through the same thing.

I meant to photograph yesterday's outfit too today but you know what? I really couldn't be bothered. I am going to photograph it this week though, because I don't want to get more behind on 30 for 30. I am trying not to long too much for this challenge ending, but I've ended up accidentally buying a couple of things since I've been home which I can't wait to wear. I have so many outfit ideas I want to get on with!!

I absolutely love these earrings. I really wanted to wear a necklace today too, but I didn't want to overload on jewellery. Whenever I wear leopard print I feel I have to wear these earrings. My friend Eve bought me them a few years ago and they're probably my favourite earrings. I'm not really into jewellery but I have a few pieces I really love. I also ended up matching my bra to my socks. You weren't really meant to see it, but I underestimated how see-through this top was!!

orange skirt- urban outfitters
coral tank top- topshop
leopard socks- sock shop in San Francisco
shoes- blowfish
earrings- gift
belt- new look

Today has been kinda boring. My friend Shaunagh was sick so I've just spent the day doing, guess what? writing articles!! Managed to get quite a bit of stuff done though, which was nice. I also decided I was a good idea to get ALL my shoes out today to admire them. And count them. 72 pairs isn't excessive, right?

Well, tonight I'm going to see my Grandad in the hopsital so have a great evening!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. This is definitely not a hooker outfit :S Clearly whoever thought this doesn't understand fashion! Glad you had a good chat with your boy, it always makes things better :)

    L x

  2. 72 pairs of shoes! you are my hero.

    As for the 'hooker outfit' did you find in america that people dressed a lot more conservatively? Whenever i go out there it always shocks me how differently i dress to the american girls my age, i always get told i'm over dressed or wearing too little!!

  3. Cute outfit, you definitely do not look like a hooker, lol! I love the leopard print and those earrings. :)

    ♥ Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  4. You don't look like a hooker at all! You look gorgeous, I love these colours with the leopard print, and those socks are so cute.
    Do you seriously have 72 pairs of shoes? I would be sooo jealous


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