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If you're a fan of Rebecca's blog, you've probably seen her Saturday Remix posts. They're one of my favourite blog features- she is so creative! I love looking back over the ways I have remixed different items- looking back is a great way to find new inspiration. Now, weekends are notoriously hard for me to update. I usually have work on both Saturday and Sunday, and my Asda uniform really isn't stylish enough to be featured on my blog, so I'm hoping to start a Weekend Remix post every week, either Saturday or Sunday, so you can still get a little peek into my style without me having to come up with something new when I'm tired from a long day!! I am notoriously bad at having specific days associated with certain posts (yeah, Love Lust and Links on a Sunday kinda died...). Since I've been home for Summer, routine has been hard to find (which is partially why I've been going crazy), but I'm hoping I can stick to this. At least for a while!

Today, we're looking at this floral playsuit from Primark. I bought this last Summer and didn't think I'd wear it too much- I do own a LOT of florals. It's also super-short. But I found myself wearing it a lot during my first few months at UMD and it's perfect for summer and winter as I can layer over it pretty easily. I liked the idea of wearing it under a skirt (going to the toilet was a nightmare!!) and I wish I could pull off the jumper-over-top layered thing, but I apparently can't. I think the last outfit is my favourite. Here are the different ways I've worn it (and like last week, don't laugh at how chubby I was last winter). 

Like the dress I wore last week, I seem to wear this with a lot of red. You can't see too well but the dress has tiny red flowers on it, so I tend to match to that. I definitely have some more ideas for this playsuit though.

More remixes next week!! See you Monday for an outfit post :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I realllly love remixes, Rebecca is super creative. You are too! These are great, give me some interesting ideas for my romper

  2. I love that romper! I think I've said that a few times. :] I think my favorite of all these outfits is the first one and the last one.

    XO Michelle

  3. Great remixes but I really like the last one! I'm drawn to red right now too!



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