Six months

Well today's post is going to be short because I don't have a lot to say!! I will be a little bit soppy though. Today is mine and Erick's 6 month "anniversary". I know it isn't really an anniversary, but I feel like 6 months is a milestone. I wish we could be together today, but we've decided we're going to celebrate when he comes over. I know I do go on about him a lot, but I really am a lucky girl. He is a truly wonderful man and I'm so glad he's put up with me for the next 6 months, and will hopefully continue to do so. The cool thing is we actually met exactly 2 months before we started dating, so today also marks 8 months since we met. I wore my Minnesota necklace today because he bought it for me (which I just noticed is backwards on all the pictures. That is not what Minnesota looks like).

skirt- H&M
Rolling Stones tshirt- Walmart
flats- H&M
leather jacket- H&M
Minnesota necklace- Krisnations

I'm so behind on 30 for 30- Kendi finished today and I'm only on day 19!! The problem with 30 for 30 there are some days when I just don't want to dress up or take pictures. Today was a bit of a laid back day, and this outfit really demonstrates this. It was a "what can I wear to just hang out by myself and be comfy?" outfit. I'm looking forward to getting 30 for 30 finished. I'm glad I did the challenge, but I definitely picked far too busy a time to do it in. Work experience and my job has meant I haven't been able to conform to the rules every day and it is a bit frustrating knowing I have ages still to go, and I'm desperate to wear some other clothes!!

Have a lovely day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love that skirt, it's so cute! 6 months is a long time though. I'm glad your keeping happy and looking forward to the good times. Long distance can be hard but it's worth it in the long run and I'm sure you'll love every moment you have together when it finaly comes.
    I've been doing long distance for three years now so I totes understand. If you ever want to chat about it feel free to give me a tweet or e-mail. Sometimes its good to talk about it :) xxx

  2. 30-for-30 is tough. I want to do it again and actually stick it out this time (I didn't finish the first time.)
    Congratulations on your "anniversary"! :) you look lovely.

  3. Happy 6 month anniversary to you two!! i can understand you being sad at not being together, Ben and I missed all our anniversaries up until this year together because I've been on holiday every year, and it's always been 3 weeks at a time which seems a really long time to me to be apart so I bet it feels awful to you! But you will appreciate each other so so much when you're back together =) Also it was mine and Ben's anniversary yesterday so I'm always going to remember yours now haha =D And I did a post about ours too and saying I'm amazed how Ben puts up with me!!
    Also I love this outfit, as always! The combination of leather jacket and skirt work really well, so cute =)

  4. Happy 6 months! Thats a pretty significant milestone, thats awesome.
    I love your striped skirt and tshirt with the leather jacket, very rocker chic. Stripes always look so chic on you

  5. aww 6 months is very special! I think that's a big step in a relationship because it means you've committed a while. Half a year to me is a big deal. That's probably why I still say things like "I'm 27 and a half years old!" haha.


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