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Oh, I know, I'm an epic failure. I was going to update today but it's just been such a long week!! Day 15 of 30 for 30 starts up again tomorrow, though, and I should be able to update lots this week. I'm sorry I've abandoned you!! I did want to post something today, so I thought you might like to see some photos from my week!!
Having an iPhone, I always find myself snapping away at stuff. Plus, I'm always sending little pictures to Erick of what I'm doing or what I'm wearing so I thought hey, you guys might like to see some of them!! I love seeing people's "photos of the week", but I don't really bring my DSLR around with me as much as I'd like. But having an iPhone solves this problem!!
Here is a little sneak peek into the last week (and a bit!!):

1. Erick's favourite chocolate that he can't get in the States. Some of these are coming to him this week.
2. Work outfit on Wednesday- taken on Friday when I tried it out!!
3. Smiley Fruit!!
4. What I wore on my first day. I was a tad over-dressed.

5. Work outfit on Tuesday
6. Supplies for my commute- book, headphones, water, notepad, pen and rail card
7. Me in my glasses, a rare sight (this one was for my boyf, who loves me in my glasses)
8. A picture I found at work while browsing magazines- Erick loves ice cream cake so I snapped this for him.

9. Another magazine snapped at work- this time on The Best Party Cities. I laughed about the clubs they included for Birmingham
10. Mum's invitation to go on Come Dine With Me
11. What I wore to the theatre last night- plus red lips. 
12. Epic straightening of my hair this morning, but I got it how I like it.

13. Champagne at the theatre last night
14. ...and Starbucks the next morning
15. What I picked up today at the Trafford Centre- orange, black and turquoise belts, turquoise earrings and turquoise socks.

Hope that was okay as a quick update- back tomorrow for day 15 of 30 for 30. Looking forward to trying out some new remixes, especially now my knees have finally healed and I can wear skin-coloured tights again, and to try out my new accessories!!

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday. I plan to curl up with my book and a cuppa!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Great pictures! I love seeing what everyones up to during the week, looks like an exciting week. Love your work outfits :)

  2. I love the pictures! And you look cute in glasses. :)

  3. Where di d you get that gorgeous white/cream pleated skirt you are wearing in picture number 2? It's beautiful!


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