As you can probably tell, these pictures were not taken by me. They were taken by the lovely and talented Fiona, who I actually hadn't hung out with properly since we were 11. She wanted a model to practice her photography on and asked me if I'd be interested. I love having someone else taking my pictures, but I do get super-paranoid. She did a lovely job though and we had a really fun time.

So here we are, day 14 of 30 for 30 and the last day before I have a little break. I've mentioned before that I'm on work experience at The Daily Express next week and nothing in my 30 for 30 items is appropriate for work, so I'm taking a week off, rather than just giving up. I'm excited for a week off, even though it's not going to be a particularly fun week with my wardrobe, as I'll be dressing for work. I am getting a little frustrated with 30 for 30, but I'm determined to complete it eventually!! Despite saying I haven't felt like shopping, I did find myself in the River Island sale today and bought two skirts and a necklace. I also got some shoes to go with the skirt, and I might wear this outfit for work when I judge the dress code. The outfit is smart, but my skirt still is a little short!!

I really need to get back to wearing heels once or twice a week. I've said before that being Irish means I have a long body and short legs, and dancing my whole life means my already-stubby legs are much more muscular that I would like, but they look SO much better in heels!! I hope these are comfortable- I'm usually a 6, but I've found myself buying a size 5 a lot lately, and my size 6 shoes are all too big!! I'l have to get some insoles for my shoes if I fit in a 5- but it does mean I can steal my Mum's shoes. (this shirt and blazer are hers!!)

Remember when I was in San Francisco and I said I'd seen Modcloth dresses for cheap in Haight? Well, it happened again today. I saw a dress in a super-cheap shop (it was £15) that I'd seen in Lulu's for a lot more than that. It's kinda annoying that these sites obviously buy from the same wholesale places as the cheap stores but really mark-up their prices. For example, I tried this on, purely to make a point. Peter Pan collar, strawberry print- it's exactly the same thing you'd find on Modcloth for $50, but it was £15 from a cheap clothing store. Don't get me wrong, I love Modcloth (the dress I'm wearing here is from them), but it's frustrating they charge so much more for the same products. At the same time though, least I can find Modcloth-a-like dresses without paying $25 to ship them to the UK!!

I had a nice day today though. When I woke up this morning I saw Erick was online and he was still up and quite drunk, so it was really funny to have a chat with him when he hadn't even gone to bed yet. Then I walked into Stockport, which took me about 50 minutes and walked round Stockport a while. Then I rushed back to meet Fiona before going home for a short nap. Then I went for dinner and a catch-up with one of my best friends, Shaunagh. There are a lot of people here that I'm really glad to come home to, and though it comes and goes sometimes, there are things I like about coming home.

I've been approached about doing some freelance work, which involved youtube work, but I have never done video. I was thinking about maybe doing a couple of video blogs, maybe a couple of makeup tutorials. I was really happy with my pretty coral eye and coral lip today and would love to get into makeup more. What do you guys think?

dress- Modcloth
denim jacket- New Look
shoes- Wet Seal
socks- H&M

So I'd better go to bed now- I've got a lovely long day of work to look forward to tomorrow!!
Hope you had a great day :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. With or without heels, your legs are killer! Own who you are because it's absolutely fabulous!!!

  2. This is a fabbbbulous outfit my dear. I love everything about it. That dress is perfect with the denim jacket and those fabulous knee highs!!
    I always want to wear heels more often but I never want to wear them to work because I'm on my feet all day

  3. Cute jacket Charlotte. I think it's worth a try to do some video blog. I've been thinking of doing a few as well because I was offered a video project for my blog but I'm not sure just yet. Anyway, I guess it would be good for you even if nothing comes out of it or something does, it's still an experience right? so yeah, good luck to you if ever you decide to do some.


  4. These photos are gorgeous, I simply am in loved with your style!! You just look so cool and effortless and you have insanely fabulous hair! =) xo

  5. I really love your red floral dress. And the strawberry patterned one. I love the coral make up too.
    Just a quick tip for office wear if your skirt is a little on the short side avoid very tall heels. Separately they can be very cute, but together they tend to be a little 'scandalous' for work wear. At least in my experience. I love that skirt you are thinking of wearing to work though!

  6. hello cute work outfit, i wanna see that one in full pls miss it looks really lovely

  7. I really love Modcloth dresses but I agree, it's a shame they hike prices up so much. I know they just want to make a profit but it seems to make more sense to me to sell MORE dresses at a lower price. But hey!

    Heehee, drunk boyfriends are always funny. Last year the morning after Canada Day, my boyfriend drunkenly phoned me - waking me at 5am on a morning I had work - not realizing what time it was with our time difference and everything... but it turned into a wonderful phone call so it was all good hah.

    You need to tell Shaunagh that they have the most awesome name evah.

    I really love this outfit, the denim, the dress, the thigh-highs. I don't think that skirt in the one photo is too short for work though. The rest of the outfit is toned down and very modest up-top so it should be fine.

  8. Such cute outfits, I really like your work outfit and I think the 30 for 30 challenge is fab. One which I would like to take up myself, looking forward to you getting back to it. Enjoy your work experience!x

  9. You are rocking these outfits! Seriously those heels look amazing on you! I wish I could wear red, but skin tone just doesn't agree with that color...


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