Who wears short shorts?

The fact that I hate my legs is probably the world's worst-kept secret. My thighs in particular. I was blessed with being perfectly pear-shaped so all my weight ends up below the waist. As I've mentioned before, I've always been a dancer, so my legs are very muscular so I've always hated them. I always wear tights under shorts and only feel comfortable bearing my legs if I'm smothered in fake tan. Today I just thought "Why? What is the point of this? Why am I constantly comparing myself to other people?" Sure, my thighs aren't the best, but why does it matter? Why shouldn't I wear short shorts, without hiding behind fake tan or tights? So I did. I did have a few thigh-induced freak outs when I looked at the pictures, but I calmed myself down. I'm sure I'm not the only girl who hates her thighs. But it's funny how a curvy ass is celebrated but we are all fearful of curvy thighs. You know who does have curvy thighs though? Rihanna. And she is absolutely gorgeous. Her thighs even have a Facebook fan page!! While I won't be gaining a following for my thighs any time soon, this was a big step for me. So here they are. In all their glory.

So this is my second attempt at double denim and I think I like this better than last time. I'm really enjoying 30 for 30, but I'm frustrated with how long it's going to take me. This is my last outfit of the week because I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Only getting three outfits in a week is annoying- at this rate 30 for 30 will take another 4 weeks!! I do wish I had more of a selection of shoes though. 5 pairs is not enough!!

Today has been a bust day and I'm surprised I got everything done. I did my first video today and man, is it hard!! I kept messing up and being really awkward and getting annoyed at myself!! I think it turned out okay in the end but video is definitely something I want to work on more.

denim shirt- H&M
denim shorts- Miss Selfridge
ballet flats- Wet Seal
necklace- New Look

So, those are my thighs. They aren't perfect, but neither is the rest of me.
Have a lovely day,

Charlotte xxx


  1. i like the outfit & the shorts are awesome!

  2. no one is perfect, not even the supermodels look like supermodels when you see them in the flesh :) you look lovely and I'm so proud of you for doing this!! you are so right, rihanna has sexy big thighs, just like beyonce btw, nothing wrong with that!

  3. perfect statement :)
    come to hawaii and you'll see everyone in all shapes and sizes wearing short shorts! haha
    you look amazing!

  4. Hate to break it to you... But you look awesome in shorts. This outfit is super cute. Good for you for facing some fears!

  5. Your legs look great- what are you talking about!! haha, i understand, though. I have the same problem- except with huge hips! i'm trying to love them... it's taking a while. ;)

  6. Love the double denim!! It looks great on you. And these shorts are awesome on you, your legs are great! Everyone has stuff they hate, but accepting it is so much better.

  7. I totally have the same thing about my thighs, I wear tights all year round instead of tanning though :) I have the same thing about my elbows as well - it is weird what people dislike about themselves. You look fantastic though, I love those shorts on you! The necklace and belt break the double denim up really nicely xo

  8. There is nothing wrong with having muscular thighs. It's better than having flabby ones (like mine)!

    Denim and denim never looked so good :)

  9. I have an absurd obsession with my stomach. I just fixate on it! I feel like everyone has one weird thing they fixate on! But you look great Charlotte and you should be proud of your muscular dancer legs. :]

    XO Michelle

  10. I'm not all that in love with my own thighs, especially the backs of them. I get super frustrated when I think I look good in something, then sit down, and realize with horror that the item cuts into my thighs as they spread and... aaargh. Your thighs are fine though! You look great in shorts :)

  11. I'm a boy and I wear short shorts. I think it's so awesome that American Apparell has unisex denim short shorts

  12. just wanted to say this, but you're soooo pretty! you're drop-dead gorgeous


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