Flower Power

The first time I saw double florals it was on Tieka's blog and I remember rushing to the Forever 21 website to buy that blouse. Unfortunately- or fortunately, depending on the way you look at it- it was out of stock. I was convinced for a while that none of my florals would work together, until I read this post on College Fashion, which demonstrated that it was just as simple as matching one of the colours in each of the floral pieces. So, one day last week while I was standing at the fish counter (my life is soooo glamourous) I started thinking about my floral tops and florals skirts and made a quick list (if you're new to my blog, hi, I'm charlotte and I'm an obsessive planner and organiser) and came up with a few combinations. Imagine my excitement when I realised I had a perfect double-floral outfit in my 30 for 30 items- huzzah!! So that, my friends, is how this outfit came together.

I've felt kinda stuck in a rut with my photography lately and I've just started to resent it. I think a lot of it is to do with the fact that because of 30 for 30, especially because of being behind, I've had to photograph every single day I've had off from work and it's just getting old. Instead of enjoying it, it's just snap snap snap and frustration when my pictures don't come out right. But today I downloaded The Art of Self Portraiture and read it all this afternoon. I'm a little more inspired now and hope it will help me to take better pictures, and hopefully help my to enjoy photography again. I find taking self portraits incredibly frustrating at times and I'm very impatient, which doesn't help. I'm just hoping to spend some more time taking photographs and find some more creative poses. In short, I'm bored.

Just a couple of things to note today- first of all, if you are interested in sponsoring my blog for August, please check out my advertising post from yesterday and email me for rates and stats. Secondly, I am featured over at Laura's blog today on a post about strange little quirks we all have- you can read about one of my weird things over there. And thirdly, I wanna give a little mention to Mara whose outfit on Monday was inspired by my outfit!! I felt a little bit famous and it was super-exciting to have inspired someone!! Yay!!

floral shorts- Topshop
peter pan collar blouse- Forever 21
orange belt- Dorothy Perkins
tan flats- Wet Seal

Finally, a soppy little musing on love. Love is different for every person, and every couple. Every relationship is different. Sometimes we can't understand the love of other people, and sometimes we can't understand our own. Late last night, after a long and tiring day (I was sick yesterday and spent the whole day lying on the sofa watching 30 Rock- true story) I was feeling overwhelmed and miserable. And while I've heard it a million times, hearing I love you from my boyfriend 5000 miles away still feels as amazing as the first time he said it. And last night I really needed it. I honestly don't know why he loves me, or how he puts up with me, but that's love, isn't it? You don't know how and you don't know why, but you just know. Okay, end cheesiness. 

That's all from me today. Have a lovely day!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I'm really loving the double florals!! What a fantastic combination. That peter pan collared shirt is sooo cute.
    Im gunna have to check out the art of self portraiture, sounds interesting

  2. I love this outfit! And what you say about love is so true, couldn't say it better :)

  3. beautiful outfit! I was hoping to meet you at the MN fashion blogger meet-up this weekend! bummer! another time, maybs!? <3 rubygirlblog.com

  4. I really like your mixing of florals! Super cute!

  5. im definitely going to be working floral on floral when spring comes here. very cute honey

  6. You look SO lovely! I love the floral-on-floral idea (another inspiring outfit. Now I want to try out different floral-on-floral combinations from my wardrobe.)
    Thank you for mentioning me!
    And the cheesy bit about love at the end made me smile and go "awww". So sweet! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. :)
    xx ~Mara

  7. You look absolutely adorable in those pastel shades. I like how the shirt has delicate, tiny florals while the shorts are a larger pattern. It's a great balance. Big on big would have been overwhemling.

  8. Oh I remember that outfit! Seems like forever-ago now. I really like your take on this too, super cute. I have such a hard time wearing shorts like that though, the whole open-ness around my legs makes me feel very naked haha...

    You're lucky your boyfriend is so good, keeping in touch with my own is quite a bit more difficult. I'm trying to get him to make Skype dates with me but it's like trying to get a cat to like water.

  9. I absolutely love this outfit! The colors and composition are perfect. I'm kind of a floral print nutjob, so this is like a dream come true to me! Love it!

  10. I absolutely love this outfit! The colors and composition are perfect. I'm kind of a floral print nutjob, so this is like a dream come true to me! Love it!


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