The Devil Wears Primark

So, despite forgetting my booking reference for my tickets and nearly collapsing in tears on the ticket guy, being unable to find a spot for my luggage and finding someone sat in my reserved seat, I eventually got myself to the Big Smoke. I bloody love London. I was pretty apprehensive about getting here and getting around, but I love the tube and I love how easy it is to get around. When I arrived, with suitcase in tow, my friend Poppy called me to direct me to her house and I arrived to food and wine. Perfect. Her and her boyfriend, Leo, had friends over and it was a really lovely night with them. We just chatted and drank wine and listened to music- a perfect Sunday evening. We also had some lovely meringues, which will be my last dessert for a while. Erick told me yesterday he's cutting down on junk food throughout August and I decided I'm going to do it with him. While I'm not trying to lose weight, I do tend to fall into a trap of eating far too many biscuits when I'm at home and I want to be there for moral support. While my diet is usually pretty good, I don't see the harm is cutting out some extra rubbish!!

This morning I awoke-not quite bright-eyed and bushy-tailed- at 6.30am and got ready for my commute to work. I managed to get there without too many hitches and had time for a coffee. My day was kinda crazy and a little surreal. The first thing I was asked to do was to find some recipes for the food pages and come up with a few healthy tips- they have one in each issue so they're going to take a picture of me and print one of my tips. Then in true The Devil Wears Prada fashion, I had to order a bike. Something that made me a quivering wreck. I got very confused and flustered sorting out who the bike was going to and where it was coming from, but it was nothing compared to my next task.

At 12pm today I was stood on the corner of Oxford Street in London, in a bright pink skirt and painfully beautiful nude heels, being rejected by men. My task was to walk around London and find 4 men who would be willing to answer a question and have their photograph taken for the magazine. This sounds incredibly simple, but believe me, it isn't. Most men will do anything to avoid attention. I had so, so many rejections. Some men wouldn't even look at me. Others waved their hands away before I'd even finished saying "excuse me." I'd walked, completely lost, in high heels, encountered no men aged 20-30 for half an hour. I was starting to this this was an impossible task. But eventually, after over an hour, I had my four men and my four pictures. It was a stressful and frustrating experience, but it was definitely an experience. It was working at a magazine. It was real and it was raw and my feet killed. But it was awesome. And I would happily do it every day for the rest of my life.

dress- modcloth
cardigan- river island
flats- H&M

These photos are from last Monday (you might recognise my bad eyeliner flicks). I swear this dress is getting shorter. I definitely remember it being a tad more modest. I also forgot to wear jewellery or any accessories when I changed out of what I was wearing, so this is pretty simple. Ever since I stole this cardigan from my Mum I've been excited to see how it can add to a simple outfit. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Well, Poppy and I are going to make dinner and have a well-overdue catch up!!
Have a great evening!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Oh wow my boyfriend works just off oxford street! You should of just got in touch with me and I'd have sent him to you on his lunch break :P Glad you're having a good time though!! And love the outfit, florals and stripes go so well together

    L x

  2. Ah...the joys of going up to random people. It's pretty surprising to see how very few are willing to give an interview! You'd think that more people would be eager to be featured on the press.

    I've been reading your entire blog from the very beginning and I'm halfway there! Throughout, I've noticed a lot of Londoners vs "people up North" issues in your posts. Have you read Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South? She also wrote Wives and Daughters. N&S is currently my obsession :)

  3. ah this is such a great look! the stripes and florals are awesome :) sounds like a crazy day. glad you love it so! :)



  5. I'm sorry you had to endure so many rejections, but I am glad you love it anyway! And I love your outfit! I can totally relate to thinking a dress was much longer than it really is. I blame the wash for shrinking mine.

  6. I love the stripes and florals together, it's always such a nice combination!!
    That sounds like a pretty stressful day, I can't believe so many men wouldn't even give you a moment out of their day. Thats kind of ridiculous!

  7. That's brave of you! City people are quick to turn you down because there's someone asking for something nearly every other street corner.

    Hm, I pinned a photo of you in this same dress a while back and it doesn't look any shorter to me. Maybe you've just been wearing longer hems more often lately?


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