Nobody said it was easy, no-one ever said it would be this hard

Today I have a lot to say, so bear with me.

This top was sent to me several weeks ago now but what with 30 for 30, break ups and awful British weather, I've not had a chance to wear it yet! The lovely folk at Very asked me to chose something from the Dee V by Diana Vickers range, and there was so much to chose from! Diana's first collection, which was launched in May, was 8 gorgeous pieces for Summer, all with a fabulous 60s-inspired twist. Diana described it as "fun with a sophisticated twist" and I was so excited to be asked to review an item!! I chose this gorgeous yellow corset top, which is perfect with high-waisted skirts and shorts for Summer!! Diana's beautiful range was such a success that she has now gone on to design a second range for Very. Her Autumn/Winter collection is perfect for the 60s trend that is set to be huge for next season- shift dresses, bright prints and patterns, snuggly jumpers and jumpsuits. Diana's style is cute and quirky with a splash of vintage, inspired by Bridget Bardot, Kate Moss and Carey Mulligan. I really love her collections and am definitely thinking of a couple of the Autumn pieces for next season- I love the frill front blouse and the scarf detail shift dress.I hope the weather holds out for a few more weeks- I have lots of ideas for this top. I don't own a lot of yellow, but I'm really into colour-blocking so this is a great staple.

Now, a little rant about this skirt. Don't get me wrong, I love this skirt, but as you can tell from the pictures, it's quite a bit too big. Do you know what size this skirt is? An XS. I am not an XS by any stretch of the imagination. I am a size 8-10, and usually a small or a medium at a push. I ordered this skirt online ages ago from Zara, in a Small, and found it was far too big. After checking the size chart, I went for a smaller size. I was a little disgruntled in having to trek to the Trafford Centre (my nearest Zara) to return the skirt, and then wait for a new one. When the XS arrived, I thought it would be fine. The size chart on the website said it had a 25 inch waist, and because mine is 24.5, I thought it would be fine. But it isn't. I really should have sent it back but I was so attached to the gorgeous colour I couldn't bring myself to. But I was frustrated. I am not an extra small. Not at all. I don't appreciate being patronised by shops into telling me I am much smaller than I am. And furthermore, I measured the waist of this skirt. It did not measure 25 inches, as the website said, but nearer to 27, almost 28 inches. What is the point of pretending? Okay, end rant. Vanity sizing is annoying. Don't tell me I'm smaller than I am. I know how big I am, I know my measurements. Please don't lie to me.

top- Dee V by Diana Vickers courtesy of
skirt- Zara
leopard flats- Debenhams
leopard belt- New Look

The idea of adding leopard print to this outfit was one of those things that came to me right before I went to sleep. I was very grateful when I woke up and had remembered it. I haven't done my hair like this for a while (mainly due to lack of hair grips) but I felt a quiff and eyeliner flicks really had to go with this outfit. I had a really nice evening last night. I'm just so busy at the moment. It's so hard to organise to see my friends!! I'm working every day for the next few days and next week I'm on work experience again!! I just wanna get dressed up and go out and feel good about myself again!! I'm doing okay though. Getting through. I worked out, gently, for the first time yesterday, and I'm almost back to eating properly. I haven't cried properly since Saturday, which is an amazing achievement for me. I'm doing okay. It's hard, and I keep thinking it has all gone away, but then it all comes over me again. I'm still sad, but I know I shouldn't magically be okay after a week and a half. Thank you for all your support though. You guys have been amazing. I have an amazing support system.

Well, I'd better get some lunch, get ready and go meet my friend Shaunagh before work!!
Have a lovely day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. color block inspired style of yours is great.

  2. I am having the same problem with Zara clothes! They used to run quite small, so I automatically reach for M's. But I own the same skirt (but in two different prints), and they run VERY big. I took the S, but I think I could have gone for an even smaller size, but there weren't any left.
    I hate vanity sizing, it makes shopping that much more complicated (running back and forth to the changing rooms). I can't understand why they lie about the inches though. I hate it when even the measurements don't turn out right!
    That said, hang in there girlie! You'll be fine eventually, broken hearts just don't mend themselves overnight (halas!). But it's good to hear at least you're back to eating properly, must be a good sign!

  3. I'm so glad stuff is getting better for you! You totally deserve all the happiness and good health in the world. I've really admired the honesty of your posts recently.

    Vanity sizing is definitely a pet peeve of mine too, I've accepted I'm never going to be a tiny person but I can also never remember what size I am in what shops so I end up trying on everything from an 8 to a 14 to find the best fit. And going to charity shops is even worse! Grrr...

    Hope you had a lovely day xo

  4. That scarf detail dress is so cute! And leopard print is almost always a good addition to an outfit :D

  5. I never knew Diana Vickers was designing clothes! This top looks great on you, the whole outfit is fab!
    Amy xxx

  6. love the colour combination, you look gorgeous x

  7. OMG charlotte, this outfit is so cute... i love the color combination, and i bet even alone, i love the color of each piece, the skirt and the top. they're just pretty! and i love that you paired it with leopard accessories!! great job!

  8. You are beautiful. sincerely.
    I love your hair like this.


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