Making new memories

One of the most difficult things to deal with when Erick and I broke up was all the memories. They seep into everything. Every little thing reminds you of them. And instead of smiling to yourself and making a mental note to remind them later, they leave you feeling empty and cold. Last week, when I went to London, I knew I couldn't go to a professional meeting in jeans and a hoodie, but looking into my wardrobe was like a dagger in my heart. The top I wore for our first date, the dress I wore to meet his parents, the dress I wore on my birthday, the dress I wore to church with his parents at Easter, the dress he bought me... the memories were overwhelming. But I told myself "no. You can't let this control you." I went down to London wearing the dress I wore to his graduation. Now, not the dress I wore to his graduation, but the dress I wore to London. I decided early on to throw myself into doing things, wearing things and involving myself in things that reminded me of him in order to make new memories and fixate less on the others. This dress, for example, is the one I wore on my birthday. It's the one I wore when Erick and I went to Minneapolis. But I decided no. This is a lovely dress that I adore. I'm not going to not wear it just because it reminds me of him. And yes, it does remind me of him. But they are lovely, lovely memories we have together, and those memories can never be tainted or forgotten.

Excuse my fringe in these pictures. I had a contact lens appointment today and was wearing my glasses for most of the afternoon and my fringe does crazy things when I wear my glasses. I almost almost did a post in my glasses but I really don't like the way I look in them. I really want some new ones but my opticians don't have any retro-inspired styles which I love, so I'm considering getting some online. Has anyone ever gotten glasses online? How was that?

Oh also, it was super-windy when I took these photos, and rained straight after (why am I wearing a cardigan in August?!). Leading to classics like this...

Yeah. I know. I'm so hot. Anyway, I'm off for dinner with my parents and then to my friends' house for a girly night. Back to the grind tomorrow- I have work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And probably Saturday and Sunday. Alas, I like money.

dress- modcloth
cardigan- H&M
shoes- Target

Have a great day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Good for you! I love the idea of making new memories while still cherishing the old ones. You look amazing (even in the high winds) the bold floral print and the scrunched up socks with oxfords is a seriously winning combination. I hope you know what a rockstar you are.

  2. Cute outfit :).

    Sadie xx

  3. That's the spirit! I let past relationships ruin things for me, and it's tough working through those memories. You're lucky that, while the memories hurt you, like you said, they are GOOD memories. It'd be so much worse if the memories you had to work through were bad ones.

    I really like this pale cardigan with the dress, you look lovely.

    I hear good things about Warby Parker for vintage-style glasses online

  4. This dress is just lovely on you! I'm really loving your hair in these photos too, I know you said the fringe was doing 'weird things' but I think the length and style look good on you.

    P.S. I still have a pair of shoes that are 'the pair I wore on our first date'. Even though he and I broke up 3 years ago. They were so cute that I had to learn not to resent them.

  5. Props to you for being positive!!! I am having a hard time with that right now, so it's nice to see some inspiration for doing it. I'm someone who likes to dwell and think, "Oh I wore this dress and this happened" and then that article of clothing holds all the feelings about that memory... which isn't good. It's just a piece of clothing! Anyway, you look lovely & it's nice to have new memories attached to clothes, rather than to carry around the old feelings with them! (Those old feelings are like a handbag you never knew you had!)

    xo Michelle

  6. Cute Charlotte! I hear good things about :)

  7. Ugh I know it sucks how even pieces of clothing are drenched with memories. It's good to hear that you're going to be positive about it and not letting it keep you from getting dressed!! I love this dress and it looks amazing with that sweater

  8. The flower hued dress is great. What interests me is your Rogue (from X-men evolution) mixed with a cruella de Vil inspired colored hair. It just works on you.

  9. It is great that you are able to see that the memories were nice but that you can make new memories with the clothes you have that might remind you of him. You look great in the dress and I can understand how you would like it so much.


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