Most Boring Blog Post Ever

Ahh I'm supa tired today so this is gonna be short. Work was fun, and after work I had a blog-related meeting which was really fun and made me feel very professional haha. Getting home at 8.30pm after leaving the house at 8am really takes it out of me though. This evening I came home and Poppy and I made falafel and salad. Nom. Tomorrow we're going to Camden which I'm really excited about :]]

This outfit is exactly the same as this one, just with a jacket. Yep, by this point in 30 for 30 I was getting pretty fed up!! I this it looks much more summery though without tights, and for me, a denim jacket just screams summer.

Sorry I don't have more to say, I'm just too tired to write!!
Promise I'll be more talkative next week!!

Charlotte xxx

edit: sorry, I forgot this- skirt- topshop, shirt- forever 21, shoes- next, jacket- new look


  1. So simple and elegant. I really love this outfit!!!! Can I borrow it :)

  2. I love this outfit, very summery! Hope your having a better week than last btw :) xxx

  3. Your skirt is awesome. It's fantastic that you have a job you enjoy so much!

  4. I am going to recreate this entire outfit. Fair warning. It's just too adorable!

    Where did you get your blouse???

    The Bombshell Manifesto

  5. wow! in love with this whole outfit!! you look lovely! and i love your hair too! *(:

  6. I love how one or two small changes to an outfit can make it look SO different! I love it both ways.
    I hope you get lots of rest!

  7. really cute charlotte, love the softness

  8. This outfit is so sweet, and I love it with the denim jacket. Glad you are enjoying work, even if the days are long!


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