Mustard and Leopard

This blazer is, I think, the single most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought myself. It makes me incredibly nervous wearing it. I took these inside because the sky looked grey and I thought it might get wet. It is yet to rain. But still. It's not even designer- it's from Zara. But Zara is just a little above my usual price range, and unfortunately, my newest addiction. I consider this blazer to be an investment. I now own three Zara jackets (this one, my red one and my new trench) and feel the height of sophistication in them. Even when the rest of my outfit totals less than the jacket alone. This dress is my new favourite. And I may have kinda sorta forgotten about it, up until last week. I've had this for about 3 years, but it's been hiding in my wardrobe, waiting for turquoise to come back in style. Such is the case when you collect clothes, as I do.

I tried to take inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers today with these pictures. Keiko Lynn quite often takes indoor pictures and they always look fab. Mine always look a bit rubbish. Maybe I need to use my flash gun. I take them in the conservatory though, which has lots of natural light, but perhaps I need the flash to stop them looking so flat and blah.

mustard blazer- Zara
turquoise dress- TopShop
leopard belt- New Look
leopard flats- Debenhams
owl necklace- New Look

I'm still so up and down at the moment it's insane. Just today I woke up miserable, felt better, got some bad news, cried, had some better news, was very happy, and am now in some kind of neutral equilibrium. A lot of awesome stuff has happened lately and I've had a lot of fun. But I am still very down, and no matter what wonderful things happen, I can't ever be completely happy. I'm finding myself feeling overwhelmingly lost, confused and lonely. Lost, most of all. I no longer know where I'm going, what I'm doing or what my future looks like. And sometimes things just feel incredibly pointless. Confused, because I am a literature student and am excellent at over-analyses everything and lonely because, well, I miss my best friend.

But in the nature of being up and down,I will share my exciting news with you later. Promise. But those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will know. I'm just waiting for it all to go online so I can show you everything properly.

I'll be back later. Also, I'm going to extend the deadline of my giveaway this week, but if you haven't already entered off you go!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Love the colour combo. I'm actually wearing something similar, a mustard shirt and turquoise skirt!! X

  2. LOVE this blazer it looks great on you. Also I've seen it a couple different places but I'm pretty sure that yellow + leopard print is going to be 'in' this season. I really like the combo.

  3. That really is a great blazer though, so hey, if you dig it... worth a few extra bucks in the long run. I wish I could wear blazers, but I always feel like a little girl playing dressup in them. I like the leopard touches you added.

  4. That blazer is pretty amazing, and I feel lucky when I find something in mustard because I think it's a gorgeous yet underutilized color. I love how you paired it with the turquoise and leopard print.

  5. The combination of these colours is sooo azmazing!! I love the mustard jacket, definitely a good investment, I may have to look into zara jackets,I've never bought one. Although my blazer is my most expensive piece too

  6. Love this! That blazer is such a lovely colour, it really pops! I think I have a kind of blazer fetish, I just love them haha. Looking forward to hearing your exciting news! x

  7. I LOVE that blazer!! The cut and colour is amazing! I totally beleive in "investing" in great pieces...Zara is usually a bit more than I like to spend too, but often I find some great pieces in their sale section!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  8. The blazer is amazing and it looks amazing with the dress, great outfit! xx

  9. That blazer looks awesome! Good investment :)

  10. I love your outfit love the colours and the print just perfect x

  11. I love the colors in this outfit.


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