Autumn/Winter Wish List

I promise that next week I will be back to posting again. The next few weeks are a little hectic actually. I'm working 50 hours in a week and a half now, so I probably won't be around all that much next week, but I'm hoping to fit in outfit posts on Monday, Tuesday and hopefully Wednesday next week. Then the week after I'm on work experience again!! I wish I could have been posting this week, but I'm living in jeans, my I Heart MN tshirt and my oversized UMD hoodie. And my work uniform. I'm just not up for getting back into reality yet. I went to work last night though. I'm getting there. Slowly. Very slowly.

I'm finding I'm better if I have something to focus on. And at the moment, I'm focusing on whether I want the rust-coloured trousers from Miss Selfridge or the mustard ones from Topshop. Fairly soon reality is going to hit and I'm going to realise that I do not have the legs for these kinds of trousers. But for now, I'm trying to forget that.

Even though it's only August, I'm ready for summer to be over. Summer has sucked for me, so I'm focusing on next season. Here is what I plan to look fabulous in next season..

I am more than a little obsessed with coats, and I have wanted a real classic trench coat for years now. This one is perfect and inexpensive. Mid-length, belted and a gorgeous perfect beige. This is definitely on my wish list.

This orange-yellow skirt would be perfect for winter. I love the idea of it with maroon-y tights and ankle boots.

I love this shade for autumn and I love peter pan collars. This would be perfect with pants or skirts for autumn.

I tried on a similar pair in H&M a few days ago but they weren't very flattering on my hips. I really want to give these a try because I think they would be such a staple for next season.

Shift dresses are huge for next season and I adore orange.

My knee-high boots are my babies, but the cobbler told me at Christmas they were beyond repair and I should really get a new pair. I love the detail on these which make them look much more expensive than they are.

Perfect with cropped trousers and a blazer

Again, a perfect shift. Red is a great colour for next season and this would be perfect for layering.

I love leopard print all year round, but it's perfect for autumn/winter. I'd wear this with knee socks, or boots in the colder months and my aviator jacket.

These would be fab with black tights and knee high boots.

I think I might end up ordering these this week. Still torn between these are the mustard Topshop ones. I love the rust colour and they'd be great with a blazer or cardigan.

What are you lusting after for next season?

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love the red cropped trousers, but I've got the same worry that my legs just won't suit this style. And I absolutely adore the leopard print dress!
    Good choices :)

  2. I'm so happy shift dresses are doing the rounds this autumn!
    urgh 50 hour weeks would kill me, I don't evny you


  3. Oooh, the leopard dress is fantastic. I think you look good in those styles of pants, personally. It's not like you have ginormous hips or anything. I think we share the same problem... neither of us is used to that area of our body being in extreme definition, or bringing a lot of attention to it. I know I get all antsy when I think anything makes my hip area look really wide, even if consciously I know it's no different than usual and I look just fine.

  4. fabulous items., i love the shades of orange and berry and mustard, so good. even if it almost spring here, i will still love these tones.

  5. I am SO looking forward to fall. I think right now I'm most anticipating just the fall colors. Rusts and oranges and reds and golds... sooo pretty. I especally love the Dorothy Perkins skirt. Gorgeous.
    I hope your fall is vastly better than your summer, dear! I hope you are doing okay. xx Mara


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