Not-quite-weekend remix

While I am managing to get up, do my hair and do my makeup, I haven't quite been able to gear myself up for taking photos again. There are actually two reasons for this. One, obviously, is that I can't motivate myself to put anything on other than jeans and my I Heart MN tshirt (and this outfit really isn't blog-worthy. Especially when paired with my oversized University of Minnesota Duluth hoodie). Two is because, well, the weather is utter rubbish. While I was in America I remember it raining maybe 4 or 5 times. Here is rains constantly. Serious pathetic fallacy. It's like living in a novel.
I am still a total mess, but trying to get on with things. I can usually go a few hours without falling apart and I'm just trying to get back into a routine. Today I have tried to get on with writing, tried to get on with my life and I'm working later. I'm determined to get through my shift without becoming a blubbering idiot. And I wanted to update my blog at least. I considered a "Reasons to be happy" post, but right now, I'm just not feeling it. While I have had a few reasons to be happy the last few days, the fact is that I'm not happy and there really isn't any point in pretending. So while it's not the weekend, I thought I'd share a little remix post with you.

This Modcloth dress was a gift from my parents for my birthday (and by that, I mean, I ordered it with their card details). I'd fallen in love with it as soon as I'd seen it, even though I have a million floral dresses. Because my hair had been pink for 4 years until Christmas, I had avoided red for a long time, and this was one of my first red pieces after dying my hair black. I hadn't realised how versatile it was until I decided to include it in my 30 for 30 pieces- and wore it 5 times in the 30 days.

This is definitely one of my favourite dresses- but I always forget how short it is!! I'm a little convinced it's shrunk in the wash- what do you think? It seems a lot longer in the first three pictures!! So long as it doesn'y shrunk any further because I have lots more ideas for it. I think the first outfit is my favourite. I was in such a bad mood that day, and getting changed into this dress and putting on some red lipstick made me feel a million times better. Maybe that is what I should be doing this week!! I really like outfit seven too when I wore it as a skirt. I'm looking forward to trying this with some of my other dresses.

I really hope I feel well enough in a few days to actually bring you something new. Unless the streaming-mascara look comes in, because if that was the case I'd be bang on trend.

Have a wonderful day,

Charlotte xxx


  1. Don't try to force yourself to be happy if you're not feeling it, you'll just be even more miserable that you can't do it. At least, that was my case. I know during my last really bad breakup, the one that had me homeless, once I was back at my parents', I spent weeks living on mini pizzas and Cheetos, hiding in the basement playing video games. You are doing a helluva lot better than I did.

  2. What an amazing dress!! It's obviously quite versatile, I love all the ways you styled it.
    Aww, I can understand you not feeling up to taking outfit pictures, it's not fun when you force it and are feeling crappy. Hope you start feeling better soon dear

  3. My faves are first and fifth I think, and I love the socks in six, but they are all awesome, and this dress is amazing!! Hope you'll start to feel better soon, I know it must be so so hard right now, but it'll get better sometime. And remember we're all still here to tell you how awesome and beautiful you are, because you just are!! =)

  4. i love this dress of yours, its very versatile too

  5. I must say, I adore the dress. Especially on you!
    I hope you feel better soon, dear. Break ups are rough and absolutely no fun. Maybe go get your hair done or something? That's what I did with my last break up. He said he didn't like short hair, I went and did it...and ended up loving it. I'm in the process of growing it back after having it for going on two months, but its the pretense of it, you know?


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