Mustard and Plaid

In recent years, there have been some significant moments in fashion history- Gaga's meat dress, Madonna's conical bra. Moments that have gone on to define a person, a generation, a designer. This outfit is not one of those. This is a lazy, spent-the-day-in-the-library day. It was simple and comfy and easy.

Another outfit inspired by Gwen's back to school post. I'e actually ordered the skinny maroon pants from the outfit. I loved the look of coloured jeans with a plaid shirt and leather jacket. I seriously can't stop wearing these pants. I love them. I'm hoping the maroon trousers give me some variety.

I'm really sorry that I have absolutely nothing to say!! I've had a tough few days and I'm just feeling emotionally drained. I've just got far too much going on and far too much on my mind at the moment. Today I've just been catching up on getting my books read. I've done all my reading for the first week and I've started on my stuff for the second week. Urgh. I'm working tonight and tomorrow so I'm going to be absolutely exhausted. Ah c'est la vie.

mustard jeans- c/o select
check shirt- new look
oxfords- new look
leather jacket- H&M

Oh and I have maroon and mustard nails today

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Charlotte x


  1. I cannot express to you how much I love this outfit! Every single component is perfection.... and not to mention your photos have a beautiful, soft quality that I just love!

    As soon as I saw these pictures though the piece my eyes went right to is that beautiful leather jacket of yours! I am so, so jealous!

    P.S. Thank you seriously for the wonderful comment you left on my blog meant the absolute world to me!

  2. I love this outfit. I really love button up plaid shirts, but they just don't fit right on me (something about the shoulders always looks too square). Those mustard trousers are perfect... I can't wait to see a burgundy pair!!

    xo Michelle

  3. Great outfit! Those mustard pants are really great, and I'm a huge fan of oxfords right now.

    Goodwill Huntingg

  4. I love this outfit! Really, it's everything I like in an Autumn outfit rolled into one. You look fantastic xo

  5. I was like, omg is she wearing pants? but you look great! I love the colors you have going on. they go perfectly together!

  6. Hi! I just started following you and can I say I love those pants. I skimmed through some of your previous posts and every single time I see those mustard pants I'm falling more and more in love with 'em! I've seen many people rock the colored pants thing, but these seem to the most versatile!

  7. I love how your nails match your outfit! Also, that's a cute jacket!


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