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I have had this dress of Sian's (via The Lovely Ones) since Christmas. I know, I suck. It was too cold for the winter (however, I did actually wear it once and meant to photograph it but it probably snowed or something in Duluth) and then it always seemed too autumn-y for the summer, so here it is. It really, really wasn't necessary for me to be wearing all these layers today- I ended up swapping for a summery dress later on. I did, however, try this dress with just skin tights, socks and brogues. Turns out, I'd probably get arrested for indecent exposure (I did take photos but you really don't want to see them!!) This dress is very, very short. Sian, you are about 3 inches taller than me. How on earth do you wear this dress?!

I didn't manage to get any good photos from last night, unfortunately, but it was really fun. I love fashion-y events. I cannot wait for the IFB Crystals and Crumpets event next Friday with Sian. But what to wear?! Are any of you going? Let me know- I'd love to meet you!!

Today I've just been hanging out with my friends, and then I met my Mum in Stockport. Oh and I picked my new glasses- yay!! I actually got two pairs because it was 2 for1, but these are my new main pair...

Yay I love them. What do you think? This evening I just went for dinner with my parents- I had some yummy prawns and salad.

This weekend should be really fun. It's my Dad's birthday tomorrow so I'm gonna get up early to give him his presents before I go, and then I'm heading down to Birmingham. I can't believe I move back to uni next week!! It's gonna be bittersweet this weekend though- all my friends are coming for Becca's birthday, which will be amazing, but it's also going to remind me that a lot of them aren't going to be there when I come back for good next weekend. It's going to be a strange year going back, because so much will have changed. I haven't been used to the British university system (waaay less hours than I had in the States, but an intense independent work load), I'll be going back to a job where people who started after me will be my supervisors, I'll be living in a different house with different people, many of my close friends won't be around and I'll have to balance my uni work, bar job and dance classes with all my writing. But after everything these past few weeks, I'm ready for a fresh start. I can't believe Erick and I have been broken up for a month now. But I'm ready to pick myself up and start again. I have lots to look forward to and I've had a lot of opportunities recently. Hard work is paying off, and I'm ready to spend some time focusing on myself.

dress- via The Lovely Ones
boots- London Rebel
aviator jacket- River Island
scarf- Topshop

I'm off to Birmingham tomorrow so I'll be back on Sunday!!
Have a wonderful weekend- I can't wait for mine!!

Charlotte x


  1. Ohhh what a pretty dress!! I love the florals, they're perfect for fall, especially with that leather jacket!

  2. You look great, that dress is so pretty! Good luck with going back to uni, you'll slip back into your old routine soon enough! x

  3. Ah, love this look! That dress is so gorgeous, and I'm loving these photos too!! Also, your hair is looking extra fabulous -love it. Enjoy your super fun weekend. xo veronika

  4. I LOVE your boots. I saw them in your last (I think) post and I was going to comment, but I got sidetracked. So anyway. Those boots are amazing.
    I'm so glad you're finding yourself picking up and moving on. Fresh starts are so refreshing (go figure. :) ). I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Ahh! What a pretty dress!! It is really short... but Sian is so leggy & gorgeous, people are probably too busy admiring her to notice that it's so short. :] I bought really similar boots today and I'm so excited to wear them this fall!!! I've always started layering everyday and then realizing it's inappropriate because it's still pretty summery here. You look wonderful as usual!

    xo Michelle

  6. I was gonna say, it can't be THAT cold over there yet hah. Love the outfit though, I really dig any time you wear your leather jacket. That scarf looks so nice and snuggly too.

  7. Well it's a nice outfit idea you share if you add denim jacket so it would be perfect for this winter also by the way love your post.
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