This was my packing outfit. And also my moving in outfit. Yeah I wore the same outfit two days in a row. Don't judge me. I am in love with these jeans. Seriously. They also come in berry and I really really want them!! Anyway, as you can see this was a super-chilled outfit. I love a good stripey top and leather jacket.

Talking of super-chilled- glasses and a ponytail. I never, ever tie my hair in a ponytail. Except for like, the gym. But for some reason I find my glasses suit me better with my hair tied up. I also think I look really, really different with my glasses on. I don't really recognise myself.

The last couple of days have been kinda crazy. Saturday was spent packing and sorting out, and yesterday we drove up to Birmingham and had to get everything sorted in my new house. My room feels much more like home now and my housemates are absolutely lovely. I think it's gonna be a really great year. Today has been really odd though. It's strange to be back. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'm kinda done with my degree, done with Birmingham. But I'm sure I'll be fine once I settle back into a routine with everything. I need to find someone to talk my blog photos though!! As you can see, these were outside my house at home but now I'm back in Birmingham I haven't found a spot to take them yet.

jeans- c/o select
striped top- primark
ballet flats- new look
leather jacket- H&M

Well, tomorrow I have to go to work and then try and sort out the fact that despite taking only two classes this semester, they're scheduled at the same time. Le sigh.

Have a fabulous day, and if you haven't already, please please please vote for me at the Matalan Style Project!!
I've got my Week in Photos coming up this week- promise!!

Charlotte x


  1. Those jeans are gorgeous indeed! You look so cute with your glasses :)

    I'm going back to uni next week, and I also moved to another room, excited to meet my new housemates! What are you studying?

  2. I LOVE your glasses! You look so cute in them, and they really draw attention to your beautiful eyes! I also really love this outfit-- I'm jealous of those jeans. I need a pair of colored jeans.

  3. your moving outfit is so cute, you look adorable!! those jeans suit you so much

  4. You look aaaawesome in these jeans, especially with the stripy top. And how did you find such amazing glasses?? They suit you so well, and that's weird they look better with your hair up, but your hair really does look good up =D I never wear mine up either but in Greece I had to do something with it everyday because it was like wearing a scarf otherwise so I ended up with it in plaits =)
    Miss youuu, need to meet up soon!! Hope you're enjoying being back at uni =)

  5. I'm in love with those jeans!!! What an awesome color. I'm not judging at all, I wear the same outfit for days at a time if I really like it. Who cares? I mean, unless you spill like hot garbage juice on it and it needs a good cleaning (but that can be done overnight anyway!)

    I owe you an email. Sorry, been absurdly busy <3

  6. Love the outfit. Those pants really are awesome on you. I think I lived in the same outfit for 3 days during my last move. Too much else going on! I really like your glasses, they suit you, and the pony tail is good too! And hey, glasses helped Clark Kent keep his identity hidden, no wonder you don't recognize yourself heh.

  7. You look soooo cute with your glasses!! I love this look so much, every piece is perfect together, these mustard pants are fabulous with the striped top. I like you with your hair up! I never wear mine up either

  8. What a fun outfit! Sometimes, if I really like an outfit I'm wearing and I'm not seeing too many people, I wear the same thing twice! :) Haha. It's just so easy and fast.

    I feel the same way about my glasses regarding wanting to wear my hair up! It's something about them that I think makes me feel quirkier/cuter when I have my hair up with them. I don't know... I always wear contacts but I wish I could branch out and wear my glasses more. It's hard for me to feel "ready" to go out when I have my glasses on. Isn't that strange?!

    I love the combination of the stripes with the colored pants and the leather. It's just so unique and interesting to look at. Makes for a great outfit!!


  9. Good luck with settling in - I'm sure you'll be fine. And how typical that both your classes are at the same time! Great outfit x

  10. This is so adorable, Charlotte! I love it :]]


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