Reverse Homesickness

Readers, meet my new photo spot. I was actually genuinely worried about finding a new spot to take pictures and I am so happy. I've had some good spots over the times of my blog- my old back garden in Birmingham, (and the back door), my garden at home, outside my apartment in Duluth, inside my old building, against the conservatory wall and recently, outside the front of my house. So, this is my new spot. I hope you like it. I love the fact that it seems to match my outfit today. It's also just about far enough for the main road that most people don't notice I am taking photos of myself. This was a crucial point- I get very embarrassed taking outfit photos!!

Today has been the most lovely day ever, but like last time, I have the worst lovely-day come-down. What's wrong with me?! I can't have a nice day without being really sad afterwards!! But today I met up with my friend Brenda who was over from America. We had lunch together (after spending an hour talking before we even ordered!!) and spent the day catching up and walking around Birmingham. We had the best time though. .It was so nice to talk about our friends and reminiscence about all the good times from my year abroad and catch up.  It was so lovely to see her, but it's made me so homesick for Duluth. Like, seriously. It almost made me cry. Missing Duluth is the worst thing in the world. I can't wait to move back to America. But it also makes me sad because I know nothing would ever be the same. I just wish it was 6 months ago.

So, onto the outfit. I've been living in my work shirt (and my pajamas) for the last couple of days so I was a little uninspired this morning. Do you ever have that? Instead of being really inspired on the days you can dress up, you can't think of anything to wear? Luckily, I consulted my outfit list and this baby came together.This gorgeous shirt was sent to me by the lovely folk at Own the Runway. How amazing is the colour? It's going to go with everything this season! The weather is kinda weird at the moment. I'm all ready for autumn but the weather isn't yet. I think this was a good transitional outfit. I was wearing tobacco tights, but I decided just to put skin coloured ones on for such a nice day.

rust blouse- c/o Own the Runway
mustard skirt- c/o Boohoo
leopard belt- New Look
ballet flats- Dorothy Perkins

Well, I'm absolutely shattered because we went to 90s night last night and it was a bit of a late one, so it's The Devil Wears Prada and an early night for me!!

Have a great evening!!

Charlotte x


  1. I love your outfit today! Absolutely lovely! I adore the colours, and the addition of the little leopard print belt is perfect.
    Also, I like the new picture spot! Nice lighting too!

  2. oh i just love that mustard skirt soooooo much and the colour of your blouse is so pretty!!

  3. This mustard skirt is wonderful!! I love it with that colour blouse, it's really a great colour combination

  4. brick walls are always great for outfit shots!! love that blouse so much, its so floaty and looks so soft

  5. Great outfit, I really love those colours. It looks awesome on you. It's probably odd, but I'm homesick for a house I've never even LIVED in hah, my boyfriend's place way out in Alberta... Funny the places we miss, eh?

  6. I love mustard yellow! My boyfriend hates the color, but I adore it! You epitomize fall.


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