October Changes

So, it's October tomorrow and I have a few challenges that I want to start for the new month. September is usually a bit of a messy month of change over, starting school- which for me always means moving somewhere new, and settling back into a new routine. But I've had a few things praying on my mind and there are a few changes I want to make to my life.

1. Stop talking about my ex boyfriend
Erick and I have been broken up for two months this week, yet I still talk about him all the time. Not in a creepy way, just in a way that implies we're still together. And I know it's uncomfortable for people around me. We broke up. We're not together anymore. And I know whenever I said "oh Erick likes that" or "oh once Erick and I did this", it takes me back a little more and just makes everything harder. I am definitely going to still be thinking these things, but I think not saying them will make it easier to take thought about him away from the forefront of my mind. I am probably still going to be talking about how much I miss him and how upset I am about everything, mainly because I don't think it's healthy for me to be bottling that stuff up, but I'm going to stop talking about him like we're still together. Because as much as it sucks, we're not anymore.

2. Take up the IFB comment challenge
This is something I've wanted to do for a while. I read blogs on my iPhone and while I often mark as unread blogs I want to comment on, I often just read and move on. I would like a better relationship with my readers and other bloggers and I really think this would help. I typically leave about 5 comments a day, but I'd like to get this up to about 10. I'm hoping to start with leaving 300 comments over the month of October and seeing how I get on.

3. Learn to control my boredom, and don't waste precious time
I hate being bored. It drives me insane. I have such a low tolerance for boredom as I have the attention span of a toddler. Uni this year is hard already because I only have four hours of classes a week and have wednesday, thursday and friday off. I need to use this time productively, because I have a lot to be getting on with this year. I want to get a First and I want to work hard in my other pursuits. When I find myself feeling bored I need to find something to do, go somewhere, get a change or scenery. Because when I'm up to my eyes in work I'm going to hate myself for wasting that time.

4. Shop less, wear more
I have tried numerous times to do a shopping ban, but it doesn't work. I end up breaking it and feeling guilty. But I do need to shop less. I have at least 10 things in my wardrobe I haven't worn on my blog yet, and I need to get wearing.

5. Keep my blogging regular
I've really enjoyed having weekend features when I don't feel like taking pictures- Sunday's Week in Photos and Saturday's Weekend Remix. Do you like these features? What would you like to see more of?

6. Learn to be happy
I have been really, really down since leaving America. I don't really feel as though I can be happy not living in the States, but I know I can't think that, because the reality is, I have to stay here for at least another 9, 10 months. That's life, and I have to get on with it. I miss my ex boyfriend more than anything in the world, but I know us breaking up was for the best right now. I miss my friends at uni and I find my new life here strange and different, but I have to accept that this is what it is and make the most of it. I have always been one of those people who really has to try to be happy, it doesn't just come to me. But I'm fed up of being sad and need to make the most of what I have. And if I can't be truly happy right now, then I need to focus on working hard on my degree, saving up money and working on my writing so one day I can move back to America and find a job I love.


  1. These are all such good goals. I think I'll join you on the IFB comment challenge(I tend to just skim blogs, and even if I like them I don't comment much!), and the shop less/wear more. I'm no good at shopping bans, either! Browsing through thrift stores is one of the ways I sort of... de-stress from the week and just have fun, so to not be able to do that takes a lot of effort. The buy less, however... that's easier.

    I especially admire the last goal, too. I hope you find the happiness you deserve!

  2. I feel like we are in different-but-emotionally similar places in life. I guess I wouldn't say I feel sad a lot... but I feel disappointed constantly. I feel like I've been let down by my country and my education, and I feel disappointed in the place where I live and myself and my school and everything. It's really hard to stay positive when I feel intense pressure, from myself and others, to be doing something about my situation - even though no one, not my parents or family or me!, knows what to do! It's something I need to work on to just keep writing and working hard and make the best of my situation and save money.

    I also need to comment on other blogs more - I'm a skimmer, or I just look at the pictures. I often find myself falling into the Form Comment... "I love this! Great post!" etc. which is boring and I hate receiving those myself so I don't know why I do it, ha ha.

    xo Michelle

  3. I particularly enjoy Sunday's Week in Photos, it's fun seeing all the little things.


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