Matalan Style Project

This is not what I am wearing today. I know, I am a woman of mystery. Don't worry though, you'll see what I'm wearing today tomorrow. Promise.

This was the outfit I styled for the Matalan Style Project for this month. My theme was Autumnal Tones, which for me meant deep oranges, yellows, reds and browns. I was really excited to pick pieces that would be perfect for my winter wardrobe. I fell head-over-heels in love with these auburn-coloured shorts- I can't wait to pair them with mustard, red and wine. The minute I saw them, I knew they had to be part of my Style Project outfit. And this pretty floral top just went perfectly. Boots were my biggest challenge though- they just had so many gorgeous options! I ended up trying on three pairs, but these brown lace-up heels were my favourite.

shorts- c/o Matalan
blouse- c/o Matalan
boots- c/o Matalan

Well tomorrow is the IFB Crystals and Crumpets event. Yep, it's finally here. And nope, I still don't know what to wear. I was going to wear an LBD and my new collar, but my iPhone tells me it's gonna be 19 degrees in London tomorrow so I do not want to wear a long-sleeved, heavy black dress. However, I am yet to come up with an alternative. We have to wear a hat of some kind (the idea is that it's a kind of tea party kinda thing) and I'm thinking of wearing this little fasincator but I have no idea what else to wear!! I'm excited to be in London though. This will be my third time this Summer and I'm going down again in a few weeks for work experience. I'm also super excited to finally meet Sian! We've been blog friends for ages now so it'll be exciting to meet in real life. I think it'll also be cool to be in a room full of bloggers. I've met maybe 4 or 5 bloggers in my whole life so it'll be really exciting. A few of us are meeting for coffee first- I can't wait!!

Today I've had a pretty chilled day. Well, no, that's not really true. I got up late-ish, but I should have stayed in bed longer (why am I always so tired?!) and read for a while. I'm doing my uni reading and the book I'm reading is 675 pages. Urgh. I'm 450 down so far, and I'm hoping to get it finished by weekend. Then I had a walk to get my eyebrows done, took photos and wrote a review, and I've been working on a post for tomorrow. I'm gonna spend my evening watching 30 Rock, preparing a post for tomorrow, getting everything ready for London and hopefully, having an early night. My parents are out so I have the house to myself. Good practice for going back to independent living at the weekend!!

Thank you to all of you who have voted for me so far in the Matalan Style Project. Those who haven't yet, you can vote for me here.
I have a post scheduled for tomorrow and then Saturday I'll fill you in on everything from the IFB event!!
Oh and I have now reached 300 Google Reader Followers!! I know that's not loads, but hey, I'm happy. I'm also on the second page of the Chictopia gallery today. Woop!!
Thank you to all of you for your support. You make this blog worth all the work :]]

Have a great evening!!

Charlotte x


  1. I really like the colour of those shorts. Good luck in the competition!

    I hope you have a great time at the meetup. I think it would be so much fun getting to spend time with you and Sian. Darn ocean being in my way *shakes fist*

  2. I wish I could live in your closet. Not in a creepy way, but in an "I want your wardrobe" kind of way. Like your top, so cute! Shorts? LOVE EM. Boots...AWESOME.
    I owe you an email. Its coming.

  3. Congrats on 300 followers, how exciting!! I love the colour of these shorts, soo wonderful and perfect for fall, they look very cute with that top

  4. Your outfit is such a dream! <3 I love the colour of the shorts, and the pan collar is oh-so gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. Cute look, great choices. Those shorts are pretty much awesome.

  6. hey chick thanks for checking out my blog. I love your style and yes great minds think alike hehe xx

  7. this is so cute, those shorts really are gorgeous

  8. you got the autumn tones so nicely!! It's a great combination!

  9. god i love matalan - these shorts are gorgeous, love the colour for autumn :) x

  10. oh i love those shorts sooooo much the colour is so pretty!!!!! and those boots are awesome :)

  11. Loving the floral top and those orange shorts! You are just so cute.


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