you can leave your hat on.

Okay I promised an outfit post, but I didn't take into consideration the fact that I have 4 lots of outfit photos to post up so this could take some time!! These are my first, and most recent set, taken last night. I wore this outfit to a 21st party I went to last night. We didn't stay long and I knew we wouldn't be staying too late cause both me and my friend were tired (her from work, me from shopping!!), so I didn't want to wear anything too special for the fact I'd only be wearing it a couple of hours, so I went for my old classic playsuit. It also gave me a chance to wear these beautiful suede shoe boots which I got brand new from a charity shop for £5.98!! They still had that amazing new-shoe smell :]]

I have no idea why the quality of these pictures is really bad. I was really disappointed when I put them on my computer!! They were also really dark so all the adjustments of the brightness has also made them look pretty bad. But I do actually like them. I struggled for somewhere to take photos at 9pm last night!!

How unbelievably cute is this little hat hair-piece? My mum and I saw it in Primark and had no idea why we just couldn't resist it!! I loved it with a really simple outfit- and it was only £2.50!! My mum and I had a great day shopping in Manchester yesterday. We always have a great time when we go into Manchester. We literally shopped til we dropped- for 7 hours!! We did spend an hour in both Primark and Debenhams though... But, there was success!! I now have an outfit my cousin's wedding at the end of gorgeous- a lovely little Lipsy corset top and a cream tutu skirt, and because it was so gorgeous, a lovely LBD for my leaving party!! We looked everywhere for leopard shoes for with the LBD but I now have a pair coming from ebay :]]]

playsuit- miss selfridge boots- vintage hair piece- primark

Today I'm having a chilled-out day. I was woken up at 8 and got up, but felt tired and yucky and couldn't stop thinking about my 6am starts again next week so I went back to bed at half 10 for a nap!! I'm feeling a lot more awake now!! I'm going to have an afternoon reading and then my housemate and I are going to see Toy Story 3 and having dinner- yay :]] plus an early night before work tomorrow of course!! I'm really enjoying my work experience now, but as it's unpaid I've admitted defeat and decided to go back to my supermarket job. I'm going to ring them next week. As much as I say I hate it, it's just long and tiring. The people are nice and the money is also nice and money is something I need right now!!

Right well I'd better get myself ready for the day!! I did my hair this morning pre-nap but now it's all sticking up!! Oh I just realised these are the first posts with my hair cut short again and back to being pink- yay!!

Oh and finally, what do you think of the new layout? I don't like it yet but it's just temporary, it needs a lot of work but I like that it's my layout now, it feels like home.

If you get a chance to check out my latest article at The Fashion Buzz :]]]

Have a lovely Sunday.

Charlotte xxx


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