on a lighter note

I just really wanted to write the post above. Things that have been running through my mind all week.

Sorry for the lac of outfit posts. I have actually taken a few this week but I think I'll just do a big post later in the week.

I'm actually really enjoying my work experience, despite not really liking it on my first day. It's basically a day of girly gossip and learning a LOT about fabric. There are so many colours and styles and types of silk. It's really drawn my attention to the whole process of fashion. The company I'm working for supply silk to Top Shop and Agent Provacateur to name a few. This week we had an order for Matthew Williamson which sent my head spinning.

Despite what I said, I'm quite enjoying my commute. The early mornings are a killer but I get to work and am greeted with a cup of tea and the days are actually okay and I like having a sense of purpose. I think I'm going to go back to my old job at Asda for a few weeks when I finish. I forgot how much more productive I am when I'm busy.

I have lots of writing to do. I've now had two articles over at the Fashion Buzz and have a third to be published this weekend. I've also just had my first article published at College Fashion!! I have to be honest, I'm almost in tears at the lovely comments so far!! I can't believe people are saying these things about my article!!

"This post is amazing!"

"Great post!"

"So I’m not one to usually comment on a post unless I feel very strongly so consider this one of those times! I love this post with a capital L!"

"Can’t wait for the next installment."

"Can’t wait for part two!"

Just, wow. I am so honoured and flattered. I've been doubting myself, my ability and my future a lot lately and this has been such a boost. I know a lot of my articles won't be received in such a way, but starting on a high is amazing.

I've also got lots of writing to do for student fashion blog!! I've been lucky enough to be sent personally tailored (and personally chosen!!) dresses from Siobhan McKenzie, an up-and-coming London-based designer. Look out on here for a post on her, and an interview with her which I'll be doing next week for Student Fashion Blog.

So right now things are going pretty well. I have my article ready for Sunday at the fashion buzz, tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mum for a few things and for lunch and hopefully for a dress for my cousin's wedding (I'll definitely have to put up some photos from my Auntie's wedding last weekend!! This will go on my mammoth photo post!!) and then to a 21st in the evening. And Sunday I plan to make cookies to take to work on Monday (I'm nice like that!!) and going to the cinema to see Toy Story 3 and for dinner with my fabulous housemate Steph :]]]

Oh and tonight I went to go see Inception. If you haven't seen it, go see it. Seriously. Best film I've seen in a long time. It's worth the hype.

Have a fabulous weekend, I'll be about in a few days with outfit posts in tow. Promise!!

Charlotte xxx


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