Day with Daddy

I actually had something completely different to talk about on my blog today, but hey, we'll do that tomorrow. My Week in Photos will also come tomorrow, so look forward to a double-post day. Today ended up being more fun that I had expected. My Mum was playing golf so I spend the day with my Dad. We drove past the park on the way to get him a birthday present (he is notoriously difficult to buy for so it's definitely a good idea to get him to pick what he wants himself!!) and saw that it was Stockport's Annual Duck Race. Unfortunately, we didn't end up getting there until it has finished but we did have a bit of a walk around the park and I got a few shots of what I missed...


Despite not getting to watch plastic ducks swim along the stream, we did have a great day. After doing some shopping we headed into Stockport, where we did a lot of mooching and bought nothing (I have been scouting out my collection of winter tights- lots of cable knit in mustard, wine and auburn, but I didn't commit today) and then decided to go get some lunch. We had a gorgeous lunch (and super cheap!!) in Wetherspoons and then went to see my Grandad in hospital, before we had a walk around the park, took some photos and went to see the real ducks. These pictures are for duck-fanatic and blogger pal, Laura...

Okay, now onto the outfit. I have a little more to say about this skirt tomorrow (which was what I was going to blog about today), but it's the first time I've worn it despite the gorgeous polka dot print and neutral navy colour. The length is a little longer than I normally wear but I actually really liked it. I went for a casual Sunday look with my I Heart MN tshirt and ballet flats. I don't have to mention how much I love this tshirt. I actually have two of them- this is my second one. They are both children's ones and I adore them.


I had to include this one. There were a group of teenagers in the park and one of them was doing the most hilariously accurate goose impressions. This is genuine laughter.

I heart MN tshirt- Minnesota store
skirt- thrifted 
red ballet flats- H&M
sunglasses- Ragstock
satchel bag- c/o Matalan


Now there are baby pandas on TV, so I must be off. I'll be back tomorrow- probably even twice!!
Have a wonderful evening,

Charlotte x


  1. DUCKS!!! Aha love it. I also love the rubber ducks they all look so cool! I want to see a rubber duck race :D Sounds like you had a really lovely day miss :) Some great Father/Daughter bonding going on :)

    L x

  2. Oooh that skirt looks lovely!
    Such a shame you can't make it on the 10th :( xx

  3. Those plastic ducks are hilarious! You look lovely, glad you had a nice day! x

  4. aww fun day,. love your skirt

  5. That skirt looks gorgeous on you! I love the length. And I love it paired with the tee and red flats-- I think my favorite outfits have always been when people pair a tee shirt with skirts. It's so simple and so cute. You are so pretty!
    The duck with the curlers is the BEST! Haha! So fun!
    I'm glad you had a lovely day!

  6. Hey! One of those guys is a Canada Goose. What are you doing in the UK, silly goose? The skirt's length is actually really great on you. I'm always happy with a skirt swishing around just above my knees.


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