7th May

trying to get my hair out of my face

To combat some of my stress today, Erick and decided to go to lunch and spend some time together. It was nice to have a bit of a break from worrying about revision and my finals and meant I could stay in and do homework and go to bed early tonight. We are both hopeless at making decisions so he made me decide where to go for lunch. We had a great lunch at Amazing Grace, a gorgeous little cafe and visited the Maritime Museum down in Canal Park in Duluth and I asked him to take some pictures.

if I look super happy, it's because my boyfriend is a babe.

I admit, these photos turned out pretty well. The weather was reasonable but super-windy so I moaned that I'd probably hate all the pictures because the wind was getting my hair everywhere, but I actually really like them. I did not like Erick climbing on the rocks over the lake to take some of them. I don't care if he's really into rock climbing- I don't want him to do it in front of me!!

I'm having a pretty chilled weekend. My stress levels are still reasonably high and were raised slightly more today by trying to sort out the huge stress that is sorting out shipping stuff home. I can't wait to have everything packed and ready to ship so I can have that huge worry off my mind. I also can't wait until finals are over. So basically, by Friday, things should be a little less stressful in my life. I hope.

coat- topshop
dress- topshop
cardigan- topshop
shoes- blowfish
socks- H&M

I feel as though I've progressed from wearing red all the time to wearing blue all the time. At the moment I'm drawn to anything blue. I also really, really love the combination of navy blue and brown, so my navy trench coat has been out a lot the last few weeks. It's my proper summer coat- warm but light enough for summer. I lost a button on the shoulder today though- damn! Oh and shush, but I'm wearing tights again on these pictures. I bashed my knee against the door last night so I have a big purple bruise on my left leg, and it was a bit chilly. I wore these shoes last night and got so many compliments! One guy shouted "crazy shoes!!". I took a lot of photos at one of the concerts I went to last night so I might upload the good ones tomorrow.

Back to the grind!!
Have a great weekend!!

Charlotte xxx

photos by my gorgeous boyfriend, Erick


  1. you look SO beautiful! these pictures are amazing, the best I've seen on your blog yet. The sunshine in the light, the outfit, your smiles, the poses, everything <3 the socks are killing me with cuteness

  2. Lovely picture hun :) Sounds like you had a fabulous day :) Love the outfit, and I am still in love with your shoes. I want a pair so bad!

    L x

  3. I agree with the above :) You just look so beautiful and your happiness is really shining through! Also, I love that button on your cardi :)

  4. this is prob my fave outfit of yours ever. loving the socks with those fab shoes honey xo

  5. I love your shoes so much!! i really love this outfit and you have such a great happy smile!!! I want to go to a place that is named Amazing Grace! how wonderful!

  6. A friend of mine commented on a tweet that you put out with one of these pictures on it. I saw the lift bridge and had to run over to see your blog. I adore Duluth and these pictures are simply gorgeous! Very cute outfit also =-)

  7. I'm head over heels for your shoes! And I'm so happy to see you wearing blue because blue is my favorite AND signature color :) The picture location is also stunning!

  8. OMG socks with sandals - SO CUTE!

  9. You look so adorable in the second photograph! I love the blue of your dress. And the red button is amazing!


  10. Great outfit, love the heels and bag xx

  11. Stunning as always Charlotte =) I'm so jealous you have those shoes, but I'm restraining myself from buying them as I have some wedges that are similar. I'm loving the socks with it too, one of my favourite things to wear at the moment with heels =D And these photos turned out amazing, really want to get my hands on a good camera!!

  12. You look stunning in this outfit, I love the touches of red and the stripey socks! Fabulous pictures too. I am now following :) xx

  13. Amazing photos! I love your Garren Heels!

  14. These pictures turned out beautifully! I love the colors you choose and your socks look so cute with your clogs!

  15. Amazing dress and shoes! Like your blog and style! Follow you) follow me?

  16. I love love love these photos. And socks with sandals? My favorite thing. You look amazing girl, and I hope your stress level subsides!

  17. These photos are amazing!! I love the striped socks with sandals, and the colour looks so wonderful on you. I love the blue dress and trench. Blue + brown = gorgeous

  18. Great photos! I just found out my budget is tighter than expected so I may just wind up with some Blowfish shoes like these too instead of the Jeffrey Campbells I dream of. But if these get you so much attention I can't go wrong hah.


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