A musing on high maintenance and stress baking.

I am high maintenance in many ways. I get annoyed if my boyfriend doesn't text me back right away, I need a lot of attention, I'm very obsessively organized and I worry a lot. I am also very high maintenance when it comes to myself and the way I look. This week, well since Wednesday, I have been very chilled out and low-maintenance and I just don't think that's me. On Wednesday evening my feet were killing from my wedges, so I threw my sweatpants and a hoodie on (yes, I do own sweatpants. And I actually adore them. I'm in the Dance Society at uni so they say University of Birmingham Dance Society) down one leg). My boyfriend was perfectly happy and said he was glad that I felt so comfortable being casual in front of him. Yesterday, I threw on jeans, converse and my Lake Voice tshirt, and tied my hair up. And today I am the closest you'll ever get me to wearing no makeup. I haven't worn so little makeup in years, my face felt naked with just foundation, mascara and blusher on. But I did it because I wanted to know what it was like. And you know what? I like being high maintenance. It's not too much effort to style my hair and do my makeup if it makes me feel better about myself. Of course, it's nice to know that I'm comfortable enough to go out with so little makeup on, and it was a challenge I wanted to set myself, but in reality, I'm much more comfortable when I know I look nice. Which is why, after taking these pictures, I put eyeliner on. Maybe that's shallow, but it makes me feel better. So here I am in my pretty-much natural state.

Expect a lot of outfits like this over the next few weeks. I love pairing florals with converse and denim. It just screams summer to me. For some reason, the minute it gets warm, I gravitate towards my converse. It's a good job I have a grand total of 6 pairs. However, I only have my pink ones with me, so my other ones will come out when I get home!

I've been feeling kinda down and restless today. I cried this morning when I got up about leaving. I had my last ever class at UMD today and I'm just feeling so lethargic. I can't even concentrate on studying for my finals. I just DON'T WANT TO! The lack of caffeine in my system isn't helping either. I'm off my antibiotics on Sunday though so I can have all the tea and diet coke I want! Today, however, I am resorting to my favourite past-time; stress baking. When I'm stressed, I bake. Today we're on Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, which I haven't made since Valentine's Day. Talking of romance, look what the boy got me...

Maybe I'd dropped a few hints, and I think his sister had too, but it was such a surprise to get into his car on Wednesday and find them on the seat. No-one has ever bought me flowers before and they're so pretty :]] Looking at them definitely cheers me up. I'm hoping flowers and stress baking. I'm going to see a friend play tonight and then for dinner with a few friends so that should be fun, and tomorrow I'm hanging out with Erick but I think, urgh, we're gonna be sorting out stuff for shipping stuff of mine back home, which makes me sad. How has time gone so quickly?

I am deep in the throes of my stress-baking now, so I'd better go check on my cookies. Wish I could share them with you all :]]

dress- ASOS
denim jacket- New Look
sneakers- Converse

Have a great Friday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I'm thinking that we could be long lost sisters! Haha! I feel the same way about doing full hair and makeup, yes I can go without all of it, but I feel so much more confident with it! I'm also very annoyed when my friends don't text me back right away. The flowers were so sweet of your boyfriend, I would like to find a guy who would buy me flowers for no reason!
    Anyways, I love the outfit!
    Good luck with finals!


  2. what a pretty dress, i love the softness. its ok to be high maintenance at times, not all the time of course but when it matters. xo

  3. Hmmm, did someone say baking? I'm taking a break from stress cleaning... but yours sounds WAY more fun!! And, can I just say that this is hands down my fave dress ever. The floral pattern is so beautiful and the colours are just perfect! You look gorg. xx veronika

  4. OMG I stress bake like it's my job. Made lemon bars for some guys in one of my class groups the other day. I stress bake then mostly give it all away, which is at least great for my waist-line!

  5. Converse are just the PERFECT summer shoes, so easy to wear! x

  6. I've been eyeing that dress on asos for ages and it looks so sweet on you! bare legs again AND only a tiny amount of make up?? YOU GO GIRL!! I think you look beautiful btw, the smaller amount of make up looks so young and fresh and sweet on you :) you should do it more often!

  7. You look so nice! I know what you mean though, my boyfriend is always like "why do you need to put on eyeliner to go to asda?" but I can't not.


  8. Sometimes putting on a little makeuup and giving ourselves some attention is absolutely necessary. When I had surgery, I obviously was in too much pain to do makeup and stuff, but when I was able to just putting a little bit of blush and mascara on and running a comb threw my hair made me feel soo much better.
    I love the floral dress and denim jacket, they're definitely the perfect combination!! I really love the look

  9. awww that is sweet about the flowers! they look gorgeous too and so is that photo of it.

  10. I have never worn makeup before, funny, except for one time for a photoshoot. And tinted lipgloss was the only thing I wore XP. I don't know: maybe I'm just bad with makeup but I just don't look good with it on.

    I like to wear converse with girly dresses. Gives it an edgy, casual-cool vibe :)

  11. I love your dress, looks adorable on you! I always feel better when I've fixed my hair and put on some makeup than when I don't, make me feel more put together :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  12. i always look wierd when i try to wear my converse with dresses!? but i rili love the look just cant seem to pull it off :( can someone help me with some ideas? oh and i just started a blog yesterday so yeah your all encouraged to add me thats if you wanna see style from an african perspective and abit of my psycho mind :)

  13. I made some white cupcakes with butter frosting yesterday, I think it might have been a bit of a stress-bake for me too. I'm so sorry to hear you're so stressed out though! I wish I could give you a big hug. And then maybe take you out for ice cream, because everybody loves ice cream! I've been seeing quite a few ladies with a denim jacket, but I don't feel quite comfortable wearing one which is too bad since it's so cute.

  14. Wonderful dress, love her !!


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