Long Time No See

Oh wow, it really has been a while hasn't it? The last few days have been completely and utterly crazy. I moved out of my apartment on Friday and had to get everything packed and shipped and cleaned. Then Saturday was Erick's graduation, which I thankfully managed to get a ticket for, so that was a busy, but really great day. Erick's brother and sister in law bought us both UMD Allumni tshirts which was really awesome. Yesterday I just hung out at Erick's and we had friends over and today I'm saying my final goodbyes to Duluth and heading back to Erick's parents' house. I'm really glad the last few days are over, I've been so stressed out, but now everything is looking pretty good and I can finally start getting excited about Chicago and my last few weeks here. I should be able to update more often this week as Erick will be at work all day, but I probably won't get a chance in Chicago and then I'm in San Fran, but never fear, my guest bloggers will be fabulous!!

As you can probably tell from the quality, Erick took these photos. I definitely haven't worn this outfit every day for the last three days. Definitely not. I only packed two dresses and two cardigans for the weekend and was planning on rotating between the dresses and cardigans, but I really liked this outfit (I wore it for Erick's graduation) and changed into it again yesterday to take photos and didn't get time, so I'm back in it again. This is one of my favourite summer dresses- I love the light colours and fabric.

Totally wasn't ready for the first picture, but I wanted you to be able to see my eyemakeup. I've been getting really into under-eye shadow (I add black eyeliner too because my eyes need extra definition) and blue is my favourite. You can't see too well but my lids are yellow and the underneath is light blue. If you're interested, I used the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow box. I love Urban Decay's pallettes, I have about 5 of them now. I love their bright colours and I'm really enjoying wearing them for Spring. Oh and as you can probably see, I finally got my hair cut and coloured- yay!! I'm so glad my hair grew all the same length- having an asymmetric bob for a while made me worried one side would always be shorter!! I was a little freaked out when I realised how dark the underneath is, but I'm getting used to it again. I might go all blonde when I next get my hair cut...

dress- asos
cardigan- H&M
shoes- wet seal

I've also been fortunate enough to have a couple of features written on me this week, which is pretty exciting!!  Bonafide Supernova did an interview with me here, and Leah did a great little piece on blogging which she interviewed me for here :]] I'm also pretty excited to be up for Blogger of the Month over at British Style Bloggers. I'm up against some other amazing blogs so I'm pretty happy to be nominated- fingers crossed!!

Have a lovely Monday!!

Charlotte xxx

photos by Erick :]]]


  1. that first close up of your face is stunning, the eye make up is so good! I wish I could do that :( hope the move is going well!

  2. Hii, i came across your blog on Chicktopia- you look lovely and now follow :) I hope you will check out mine too at http://ruparee.blogspot.com/

    Natasha :)

  3. This floral dress is very pretty! I love the ruffles on you, and that cardigan is the perfect colour with it.
    You hair + eye makeup look wonderful. I'm glad you're done with a lot of the stress in the past couple days :)


  4. I really love your makeup, it's so bright and pretty. I'd probably try doing that more often but with my office job I need to keep it toned down. I lived in the same dress and sweater for like 3 days when I moved, but your moving outfit is much cuter!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful! Filled with floraly-ruffly goodness <3

    I'm with you on the fact that Urban Decay has some of the most amazing palettes I have ever come across in my entire life. Their colors are always uber pigmented to perfection. The only issue I have with them is fall out- especially on their more glitter filled shades. Do you have this issue too?

    Sounds like you've been way busy in the best kind of way!


  6. The mustard cardigan goes so nicely with the floral dress. Love <3

  7. cute outfit, love the pop of color that your cardigan brings. Sounds like you have a been quite the busy bee!

  8. love this outfit! (and the photos of course)

    p.s. miss you on tumblr! =)

  9. pretty outfit as always, this sort of outfit i would say is one of your signature looks, its so very YOU!


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