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This morning, I went out in this outfit (okay, that's a lie, I didn't wear these shoes) and then found myself getting snowed on. Denim jackets and boater hats are not suitable attire for snow. I will be changing into a warm coat and back into flat shoes before I leave my apartment again. FFS, Duluth, it's May and you're still snowing? What is that about, hmmmm? This is also why we have, ew, indoor photos. I actually have a couple of outdoor ones but I just got so cold and the pictures looked so rubbish that I came inside. I don't think these are too bad, but I do hate indoor photos. Thank God for a great camera!

These shorts are part of The Lovely Ones swap and belong to the lovely Laura of Only Half Dressed. However, I've been holding them hostage since December. Yes, December. I don't know why, I've just never found a way to wear them, but as it's heading towards Summer, Laura naturally wanted them back so I promised I'd do something with them. This outfit went through a few revisions. It was originally just the shorts and the coral top, which I really liked, then I added the cardigan and the denim jacket. However, I hate wearing a cardigan and then a shorter layer on top when the cardigan flaps around, so I buttoned the cardigan and threw on a belt. I kinda like it now actually. I'll definitely try a denim jacket over a belted cardigan again for the colder days. Speaking of The Lovely Ones, we have lots of new ideas and plans, so watch this space :]]

This is my "I love my hat!" face. This was a definite break of the shopping ban. It is also, as you may notice, not a fedora. I realised that I actually wanted a boater hat, not a fedora. I also found that boater hats are way more difficult to find than fedoras. I was lucky to find this one in Claire's (I have a few hats from there, I have a child-sized head). It does have a rather obnoxious flower on it, but I kinda like it. I might swap it for a black band in the winter. But yes, very happy with my hat!!

coral top- Top Shop
cardigan- H&M
shorts- The Lovely Ones Swap via Laura
denim jacket- New Look
shoes- Blowfish
hat- Claire's

Oh and as you can see, these are my gorgeous Blowfish Garren Platforms. They are gorgeous and because of the shape of the sole, so comfortable. I can't wait to wear them more often when it gets warmer. They were also much much cheaper than the Jessica Simpson Dany shoes I wanted- half the price! And they make my legs look fabulous :P

Okay well I have to go. I have essays to write and stories to edit and Manchester Orchestra's new album to listen to. If you know me, you'll know that MO are about my favourite band (second only to Brand New) and I have been waiting for this album for what seems like forever. It's not actually released until next week but it's available to listen to online from today. Yay!!

Have a fabulous day,

Charlotte xxx


  1. Yayyyy my shorts!!! I absolutely love how you styled them because I ALWAYS have things tucked in them and never ever put cardigans over the top. I don't know why :S It looks fab and with the cropped jacket! Your shoes are gorgeous too btw, are they comfy? Good luck with all your essays!

    L x

  2. Love this outfit, thanks for the inspiration to rock my jean jacket!

  3. I think i need to go search for those shoes...looking lovely!

  4. yeay another tootnhy smile!! :D and your legs look EXCEPTIONALLY good with those platforms, you should wear them every day!!

    btw snow? insane.

  5. I love your hat too. I cant believe you scored it at Claires?!

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  6. I love that cardigan under the denim jacket with the shorts! I am soo sorry to hear about the snow that's the worst!BOOO

  7. Hello, yr blog is great! Follow each??

    Btw, I have my 1st giveaway in my blog, last day to enter!! hope you are interested to join XD

  8. awesome shorts, and i LOVE the pops of royal blue. great color. <3

  9. wow its still snowing? thats crazy. your hat is so cute too honey, love the blues in this outfit.

  10. I love this outfit! I love how you wore the printed shorts, and the mixture of all the different shades of blue is lovely. And those shoes look great on you! And that picture where you're in front of a brick wall with your hair in the wind (8th one?) - it looks super cool. :)

    And snow?? Wow... o_o

  11. You've really got me wanting some of those Blowfish shoes. Sooo close to buying myself a pair!

  12. You look just lovely, even if it is still snowing outside in May! I hope that it is sunny and warm soon so you can wear your boater hat and platform heels everyday and not have to worry about dreary weather conditions! xx

  13. Your photos are looking great. And i love that jacket. I've been wanting a denim cropped jacket, but can't seem to find the right one at the thrift.


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