Guest Post: Amber of Modest June

My second guest post is from Amber Rose of Laughing with Broken Eyes. Amber's blog is so beautiful, you should definitely check it out.

Sweet lemonade, warm sun, cool grass.. summer.
The cement is warm beneath my bare feet, and the sun is beating down upon my face, my shoulders. I taste warmth.

To me, summer has always represented freedom. Even with work, even with planned events, there is something so liberating about stepping outside to warmth, to light; there is such beauty to it, however simple it may be. It's magical.

Some of my favorite summer activities include (but are certainly not limited to):
  • sipping lemonade (I really only drink lemonade in the summer)
  • running through sprinklers in the front yard
  • riding my bicycle
  • flying a kite
  • picnics
  • swimming
  • staying up all night by a campfire (incredibly cliche)
  • writing, writing, writing
  • eating lemon ice and snow cones
  • lazy days of Audrey Hepburn movie marathons
  • dressing up entirely different and pretending to be an entirely different person
oh, I could go on and on!


Outfit Details: dress: Modcloth // shoes: F21 //hat: Target

What are some of your favorite things to do in the summertime?
Love Always,
Amber Rose


  1. well hello there miss amber, happy to see you over here on Charlotte's blog. I just enjoyed my first summer picnic and it was splendid. I hope you get to check every item off your summer list.

  2. I'm loving that dress. It seems all the cutest clothes I see in the blog world come from Modcloth! I definitely enjoy my lazy days during the summer!



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