Chitown: Part II

Here is part two of my trip to Chicago (Part One is here). This is expectedly super photo-heavy, just FYI. By the time you read this is, I will be heading to San Francisco. I have a few guest posts coming up (I originally had more planned, but I stupidly gave the bloggers the wrong date to have their posts in by, so hopefully we'll be getting some more guest posts when I get home too!!) and I'll back back on the 2nd June. Have a great week and I'll see you when I get back!!

I decided to do a photo an hour on Saturday, but a few hours had more than one photo. There are also a couple of photos from Sunday here too. Enjoy :]]
First order of the day- makeup!! As you can see I use Maybelline foundation, blusher and mascara and Urban Decay eyeliner and liquid liner. This is pretty standard for my day-time makeup.

Breakfast!! Hostel breakfast was included and pretty standard. Bagels, bread, cereal and fruit. I had a cup of tea (Lipton, unfortunately) and a bagel with cream cheese, and Erick got me a banana because when he went up to get his breakfast he saw there were only two left and he knew I'd want one. What a sweetie.


 Quite a few photos taken at 10, as we went up the John Hancock Observatory. The audio tour was really, really interesting and kept up occupied for a while, but I was a little disappointed you couldn't properly go outside outside like you can at the Rockefeller Center in New York. Nevertheless, it was a great view and these are just the tip of the iceberg- I took dozens of photos!!

Erick and I probably know every. single. bathroom in Chicago. I think we visited this one three times. There were a lot of bathroom breaks!!


After the tower, we headed down to Navy Pier and walked along it. I'm glad we got this picture because the one we had taken at the Observatory was bloody awful of both of us!!


 I totally only included this because he looks adorable.

And no trip to Navy Pier is complete without a ride on the Ferris Wheel!!


Chicago is not only famous for its pizza; Erick also tried a Chicagodog and an Italian Beef Sandwich.

Recharge, thanks to Starbucks.


This was where I had lunch. We walked for what seemed like forever to get here, but it was totally worth it. It  was a little falafel place called Falafill and I'd read about it in my Chicago guide book. Basically, you get a falafel wrap or a bowl (which was just falafel and lettuce) and then you get one free trip to the falafel bar. As you can see, the falafel bar had everything from cucumber and tomatoes to pickled ginger, tabbouleh, roasted beet salad and lots of kinds of dips and sauces. I felt so full afterwards but it was totally worth it!!

We walked down one of the super-hipster streets (which was choc-full of vintage and thrift stores) and stumbled across this vintage fair. It was super-weird (the changing room was just a little room that you had to walk through a photoshoot to get through), but I got a gorgeous leopard print pencil skirt for $10.

We had a little break in Millennium Park. I had Elle and some apple, and Erick had a slurpee and Reeses. Nom.

Found this lego Woody in a soon-to-be-opened Lego store.

In an attempt to save some money we got Chipotle for dinner. Nom.

I got kinda excited about these Goose-shaped pumps at the bar we stopped at for a drink before the comedy show.

This was the comedy show we went to go and see. It was super-funny and even better when Erick got pulled out of the audience. Erick hates attention and is probably the worst person you could pick to go up on stage, but he was a good sport!!


By Sunday, we'd pretty much done everything, and it was an insanely hot day so we just chilled out really. We went to the Austrian Bakery to get cakes (okay, Erick got breakfast food, I got cake) and went down to Union Station to deposit our bags. Then we went up for a drink at the John Hankcock Observatory Bar (I had some kind of martini, but it was super-strong, especially for 12pm!) and then headed back to salvage any of our leftover pizza and catch our bus. The bus was okay coming back, but we drove through a couple of storms. The internet was down so our plan to watch Netflix was scuppered, but we slept and played iPod scrabble instead!!

It was a great weekend, but definitely tiring!! I was glad to get back to Minnesota. But I've got it all again in a few days- I'm going to San Francisco for a week tomorrow!! But don't worry, you're in good hands. I have some fab guest posters for you while I'm away!!

See you soon!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Ohhh I love all these pictures, that food and the drinks look amazing. Looks like a really fun time my dear :)
    ps. Im totally like that klnowing where all the bathrooms somewhere is

  2. oh lots of yummy food!!
    looks like a wonderful time..i went last summer and loooved it there.
    spent way to much money on clothing..haha.

  3. Is that a gherkin? It's huuuge!
    Ah we use the same foundation, I only tried this for the first time about a month ago and it's so good on my skin!


  4. great photo's! love your blog :)


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