Guest Post: Sian of Rebel Angel

My first guest post is from Sian of Rebel Angel. Sian is one of my best blogging friends and I'm really excited to meet up with her this Summer!!

Hi there Girl Next Door Fashion readers!!
I'm Sian from Rebel Angel, a personal style and fashion blog. I was so excited when Charlotte asked me to guest post over at her blog because I absolutely love her sense of style and writing, so I feel so lucky to be up on her blog!
My blogging usually consists of daily outfits, but I've recently started a new feature called 'No Make Up Mondays', basically I try not to wear make up one day a week and I decided to start posting my outfit that day on my blog. So far I've only done a few, and I was going to do a whole new outfit minus make up for this post, but alas, I have exams right now and no time to do a good shoot, so I thought I'd show you some old ones and talk to you about why I think it's an important aspect of my blogging.
So I may not look entirely perfect in these photos, but I've received so many compliments for them, particularly the fact that I'm not wearing make up, and you know what? It feels pretty good not to wear it for a while! It definitely gives your skin a bit of a break, time to air and whatnot.
I think it's definitely a good thing for my readers to see me every once in a while not so 'done up'. I know there are a few bloggers who will put on an outfit and do their make up just so that they can get good photos for their blog, but I like mine to be real. I don't look perfect everyday (...actually maybe I don't ever look perfect) but I'm totally fine with that, because no one does. And so far no one has insulted me for not wearing make up! So I take that as a sort of unsaid compliment =D
Now I know it's not for everyone, but I think sometimes it's nice to do something different. It makes me feel so much more confident to put myself out of my comfort zone and do something I'm not completely confident doing at the time, but later I feel so good about.
So in every one of the photos above I'm not wearing any make up. Do you think you would give it a go? I'm now considering starting a feature of photos of other bloggers getting involved in this by sending me their make up-less photos and doing a little interview (if they want!) about not wearing make up and how they feel about it, so if you like what I'm doing (or like the look of any of my outfits!) don't hesitate to check out my blog and get in contact with me!


  1. these outfits are to die. love this so much. amazing post. would love if you could stop by and check out my latest post. xoxo
    For all the latest celebrity fashion news.

  2. I think that's a splendid idea! Last Summer I actually got fed up with make-up and fixing my hair and kind of did this all through the heat. haha
    But it made me appreciate my natural beauty and I've definitely cut back on pretty much all my face and hair products. I'm a much simpler version of my old self.
    I'm totally going to be checking out your blog soon!!

  3. Aren't you one adorable girl? Your style is so similar to Charlotte; I love it!

    I never wear make-up, frankly because I don't know how to do it, and also it makes me break out. I credit my clean face to not using make-up!

  4. Same here, I love being to walk out confidently without makeup, I never wear the stuff. Most of all because I simply can't be bothered (I prefer some extra minutes in bed, thank you very much), but also because I don't feel like I need it. I never wore it, hence nobody expects it. Perfect!

  5. gorgeous sian :) always love your outfits

  6. Great Post Sian!! I rarely wear make-up in fact most of my outfit pictures I have no make-up on. My skin is really sensitive so it doesn't take kindly to having layers of make-up on. So I mostly just wear it to work or out in the evenings :)

    L x

  7. I've been thinking about this myself, I think it's really brave to just show the world our naked face :)

  8. Super cute outfits! Will check out her blog :)

  9. I still think it's a really great idea, the makeup-less Mondays. I do see a lot of bloggers - who are extremely pretty, don't get me wrong - wearing tooons of makeup. It looks good, but it's not exactly real. And my favourite blogs are the real ones. With not-so-great oufits and little personal tidbits and bad hair days.

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