Simply Beach Swimwear Review

I was super-excited when the lovely folks at Simply Beach asked if I could review an item for them. With trip to San Francisco fast approaching I was in desperate need of some new swimwear! I have a bikini here already so I thought it might be nice to get a real vintage-style swimsuit (I'd been eying up Modcloth's swimsuits lately, but couldn't justify spending $90!).
The site has lots of different brand to chose from, from Seafolly to Red or Dead, O Neill and Roxy. I actually found myself choosing 5 different swimsuits when I first started to look!!
I ended up torn between two swimsuits, and eventually chose the Moontide Spot On Balconet Swimsuit...

 I loved the gorgeous polka dot print (so perfectly vintage!) and the removable straps. Like a lot of girls, I don't feel 100% confident in a swimsuit so I wanted something fabulous to make me feel a little less naked!
I really, really wanted to get some photos of this swimsuit (and me in it!) for a real review (I love tastefully done swimsuit shots- like Maria's from last year) and Erick and I had planned to go take some. As nervous as I was about it, we decided it would be a great confidence boost for me to post pictures like this on my blog. Alas, the weather the last few weeks hasn't been the best and I was somewhat concerned about contracting pneumonia, so I'll save pictures for another time (I do really think you need to see this swimsuit in real life to understand how gorgeous it is!)

This swimsuit is perfect. The bra-style top keeps your boobs in place (no risk of a nipple falling out on the beach!) and it's retro-style makes it perfectly flattering and sexy. It's fitted without being too clingy, and while I normally get a size bigger in swimsuits, a size 10 was perfect for me. It also looks great with shorts or a skirt if you want a little bit of coverup. And I love the fact I can remove the straps-the bandeau style is so cute!!

I am really excited to get this bad boy on for the summer for beach trips in San Fracisco, and even just pool dips. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants something cute without showing too much skin. It's also perfect if, like me, you love super-flattering, vintage inspired swimwear.

Oh and I also splashed out in the Seafolly Shady Lady Lizzie Hat  (shhh!) which is the perfect floppy summer hat. It has wire inside so you can bend the brim to whatever position you want it (no more hats falling down in your face!) and is perfect for a summer boho look.

Now I just need some sunshine and a Margarita...


  1. Oh MAN. I've been asked to do a review too and have been trying to decide for HOURS. After having finally picked one, I see this. Now I'm back to square one - This is GORGEOUS!

  2. Turns out the swimsuit is sold out - I finally decided though! (Seriously, this has taken 4 hours) I saw the button one too, but was worried it'd emphasise my massive hips so decided against that one!

    I wanted this, (but out of stock) this, , but out of stock and decided it was similar to one I've already got! THEN I fell in love with this but decided it was impractical ... Though just looking at it again has me feeling a bit desperate.

    But I settled for this classic number! :D There was about 10 others too, but these are the ones than killed me! :D

    Can't wait :D xx

  3. cute suit. Gotta love a swimsuit that keeps the girls in place :)

  4. Charlotte there are great white sharks in San Francisco!! Don't go swimming in the bay, trust me.

  5. Hi Charlotte,

    Great website. Can you do a review on (
    We can send you a complimentary bikini :)


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