I get by with a little help from my friends

I considered several maxi-dress-inspired titles for this post; To the Max, Max Attack (yes, that was a possibility. I know, shame on me) but decided they'd kinda been overdone lately (slash, I'll probably do one another time...). Anyway, here is my friend Michelle. Isn't she lovely? After (rather badly) hemming this dress on Monday night (with safety pins, nonetheless) and hearing the weather was going to be lovely today, I decided to wear it, and bring along my fellow maxi-lover Michelle.

 Yes, those are my Blowfish platforms. She loves them!!

This photoshoot was so fun to do! I never do pictures with other people, but Michelle and I always go for lunch on Wednesday (we usually get sushi from the supermarket, which was what we did today. Mmmm) and I thought it would be really nice to feature her with me. I am crazy in love with her maxi dress. I will definitely be stealing it when we go to San Francisco!

Naturally, we took 90 photos and then narrowed it down to the (still insane) 28 that we liked, so I've had to really careful chose my favourites. Anyway, about this dress. I was sent this dress thanks to my editors over at College Candy to review for Baby Phat. My review isn't up yet, and doesn't have pictures, so I'm going to add these ones to the post too hopefully. It hasn't really been maxi weather here in Duluth lately so I've not had a chance to review it yet! It's a fabulous dress though, just a little too long for me. Even with heels I had to hem it a bit (I hemmed it about 3 inches with safety pins), and it still just touches the floor. I'm considered shortening it even more before getting my Nan to hem it properly, but Michelle insists that it's just the right length right now. It's hard getting used to walking in a maxi though! This is my first one so I've been terrified of falling on my face all day!!

 The last few days have been kinda lame. I'm on antibiotics (don't ask ://) and they're making me super-sleepy and I've been told to avoid alcohol and caffeine, even tea! It's day two and my body is craving sleep and tea, but I'm too busy to nap!  I found out today one of my exams has a 100 point take home so guess what I'm going to be doing the next few days? I hate take home exams because I always work far too hard and spend far too much time on them when I should be studying instead!! Which is what I should be doing now! So here is one last photo dump...

maxi dress- c/o Baby Phat for College Candy
wedges- Charlotte Russe
denim jacket- New Look
hat- Claire's

dress- Express
shoes- Blowfish

Have a great Wednesday!!
Don't drink too much tea without me!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. wow that was a ton of photos... you guys are gorgeous though! And you look SOOO tall in that dress.

  2. I love the maxi dresses! Super gorgeous, I love striped dresses like this. So great my dear

  3. Oy! That dress is fabulous and you look absolutely fabulous in it!

    VoilĂ !

  4. That's so cool! You two look gorgeous in those maxis. I really love the pattern on your dress, it's so cool. I wish I had a friend willing to take silly fashion photos with me!

    The more I see those Blowfish heels, the more I want a pair... They're definitely going to be easier to find and cheaper than the Jeffrey Campbells I want haha...

  5. Wow! You both look absolutely stunning!! That maxi dress must have been soooo long if you've already had to hem it and you're wearing it with heels!! It's so weird because I can't find any maxi dresses that are long enough even though I'm not really tall or anything, and my one from last year seems to have got shorter, it's like a few inches off the floor when I wear it now!
    Anyway, you just look amazing! You look really tall too! The dress is just so flattering on you =)

  6. you both loo great! Its take a killer figure to pull off stripes and you have done it. You look wonderful.

  7. That is a truly fabulous maxi dress! The pattern of the lines give the illusion that you're like 8 feet tall!
    You will certainly fall in love with it come Summer time and you just want the heat to leave you alone. A maxi is like the cheating way of looking cute, cool, and comfortable all Summer. haha

  8. I really really really love your friend Michelle's dress. These are really cute shots of you two.

  9. The two of you look fabulous, it must be so fun to go on a photo shoot with a friend. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. aww you both look gorgeous, i love that first photo!!

  11. great pictures - loving the maxi's - you both look FAB!



  12. great look! hey there, so, just realized we are both fashion blogging out of mn. would you be up for a big ol blogger meet up this summer? yes? ok good, cuz i'm dying to meet all yall! :) <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  13. oh i love both of your maxi dresses!!! they make you look so tall!!

  14. These are some of my favorite photos of you ever. They're so lively and fun. My favorite is this one: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cHkIfiu9Wq4/TcHDz46Ug_I/AAAAAAAACHM/y9tdxKxvljE/s1600/IMG_4561.JPG_effected.jpg

    You both look so elegant and tall!


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