Week in Photos

It's that time of the week again! Let's see what I've been doing this week...

1. Glamour, how did you know?
This article was really helpful in this month's Glamour and has given me lots of inspiration for moving on with my life.
2. Minnesota reference of the week
I love finding Minnesota references in my reading. 
3. Aldi
My housemate, Briony, hates Aldi, so I snapped this picture for her of their fake Lurpak- Norpak.

4. Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry
It was National Curry Week this week, so I had my make my favourite curry.
5. Briony's nails
I helped Briony do leopard nails this week by doing the black squiggles with my nail art pen. Nail time is a big deal in our house!!
6. Matalan Style Project Winner!!
Thank you so much for all your votes!! I'm ecstatic to have won!!

7. New spotty scarf
I was having a bad day on Thursday, so I wore my new scarf to cheer me up
8. Redoing my lipstick in the library
I love this Model's Own Berry colour
9. Getting ready for my Motel snaps
I went out to do Street Style as the Motel Student Ambassador on Friday which was very scary and a bit stressful!!

10. Giant coffee cup
Briony's needed a lot of coffee on Friday!
12. Going home
Birmingham to Stockport
13. iPhone Version 5
I had an absolutely nightmare updating my iPhone to the new software on Friday. I took this photo as an expression of pure relief. I ended up restoring my iPod to backup several times. It took 3 hours.

14. Old purse, new purse
I came home to my new Cath Kidston purse yesterday, which I'd ordered before I went to uni. Love the purse but nothing fits in it!!
15. Not tea!!
This is, shockingly, not a cup of tea! My Mum got a coffee maker so I've been enjoying proper coffee while I've been home
16. Christmas cape
Remember this cape I wanted last week? My Mum ordered it for me to try for Christmas. It does not suit me, so it's going back. Sad :[[

17. Brunette?
Sometimes I really like to see what I would look like with dark hair. Fortunately, my hair allows me to painlessly do this. I think I'll stay blonde.
18. New hat
I've wanted a bowler hat for a while, and this beige one matched my outfit perfectly.
19. Lunch with Mum
I was definitely treated yesterday!!
20. Food porn
Fish finger sandwiches and a halloumi and houmous bagette. We split them both- yum!!

21. Charlotte's Dream Come True
Oh my god LOOK!! A SHOP SELLING AMERICAN FOOD!! I've not been in yet because I was in a hurry but ohmygosh I am SO EXCITED.
22. New hats!
My Mum treated me to these two bowler hats yesterday. I wore the brown one yesterday but I can't wait to wear the black one. I've been after a bowler hat for a while- and they were from Marks and Spencers of all places!!
23. New tights
You can't tell in the pictures, but last time I wore my maroon tights I completely split them. I also got a pair of those cute suspender tights, which I think are adorable.

24-25. New knits and new shirt
Can't wait to show you all of these!! Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. I can't wait to layer up. I am also loving blouses this season. My winter wardrobe is all about bandage skirts, pretty blouses, cosy jumpers and jackets
26. Primark jacket
I mentioned this jacket on Friday that I'd seen on Laura's blog and I just fell in love with it. My mum and I ran desperately around Primark yesterday and actually found it in two different colours!! I found the grey and my Mum found the brown one, but the brown one was much nicer. I cannot wait to wear this.
27. Night out
I went all leather and leopard in my leather shorts and leather jacket, with my leopard blouse and wedge boots. I'm sure there are lots more photos from the night, but I snapped this one with my beautiful friend Kayleigh in the toilets.

See you guys tomorrow- have a lovely Sunday!!

Charlotte x


  1. Please, please, please may I have your life...? It seems as though you have such an eventful, beautiful, exciting life! I am quite jealous because it seems as though I ever do is go to dreadful high school. Ho-hum.

    ...Anyways it's so cute that you get excited over an American food store! Gosh, what in the world could be in there that you like so much?! I don't feel like American food is that good at all!

  2. i always enjoy these charlotte, you seem to always be doing interesting things

  3. Wow, your week in the life post is so detailed, I love it! I feel like I really got to spend the week with you :) National curry week sounds absolutely amazing, and I love all of your new hats, can't wait to see them all styled up!


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