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These photos are actually from Tuesday, and I had written a full post to accompany them, but instead of posting about my day two days ago, I decided these photos were much more relevant to what I had to talk to you about today. Yesterday, I went to talk to the second year ACS (American and Canadian Studies) students about their year abroad next year, and I talked to them about my experience at UMD. Talking to them almost made me cry, and I thought "oh what I would be you guys sat here, knowing you're going to be in the States in less than a year". And it was then that I realised there was nothing stopping me from moving back by this time next year.

So I've decided I want to move to Minneapolis.

I know I talked about moving to Chicago or New York, I talked about moving to London and I talked about staying at home and doing a journalism course, but nowhere feels like home like Minnesota does. As much as I love Chicago, I can't imagine being anywhere but Minnesota. It's my home. And there was always the risk of how lonely I would be in Chicago. Moving over to work isn't the same as moving over to go to school where you meet lots of people and get involved in all kinds of social events. In Minneapolis, I would never be lonely. I know lots of people there, and people I know have already given me ideas on who to contact and which jobs I could look at. Right now, it's a pipedream. But I'm going to see my personal tutor this afternoon to see what I need to do to make it a reality. I'm scared and excited and I don't know even if I might chance my mind in a few weeks. But right now, this feels right.

jacket- primark
scarf- asos
maroon pants- asos (river island)
brogues- new look
I heart MN tshirt- Minnesota shop

The weather here has been gross the last few days, so I've gotten into take indoor photos more. On Monday, I planned to photograph my outfit but by the time I got around to it, it was pitch dark outside. We had our landing light fixed on Tuesday though, so I think this will be where my indoor photos will be over the colder months. I admit, it's not the best place in the world for photos and I way prefer outdoor photos, but it's not always an option.

You might recognise this outfit from my week in photos. It was just a cold looking day on Tuesday and my first thought was "pants". I am also crazy in love with this jacket. It's gorgeous and goes with everything. I still can't believe it's from Primark!

I have an insane amount of back-log on photos this week from our internet being down, so I should hopefully have enough pictures to update while I'm on work experience, which will be nice.

Have a great day- I hope it's less grey and rainy where you are!!

Charlotte x


  1. MPLS! YAY! I hope you do move here. :)

  2. Awww....good luck on your moving decision....I totally love this outfit....its relaxed, bust still very chic!! I love how a scarf and a blazer can dress up a simple tshirt:)
    You look great!!

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  3. Ohhh moving is scary but so exciting, I'm looking at grad programs and they're everywhere but where I live right now. Unfortunately I can't move to the states because of their shit ass health care though.
    I love the simple tee with that fabulous blazer and red pants. Coloured jeans are sooo great. You look quite cozy :)

  4. so exciting! It's good that you follow your heart and go where you feel the happiest :) and love the maroon jeans and the blazer!

  5. That's awesome! You have to go where it feels like you should be. I hope it all works out for ya.

  6. if and when you move here...make sure to look us up! we'd love to meet you!

  7. That scarf looks sooo comfy. :) Good luck with moving plans. I hope it works out and you are happy where you end up.

  8. Minnesota is such a lovely place and I know it will rewelcome you with open arms (plus tons and tons of success)! Maybe I will run into your stylish self when I am up there visiting the family :)

  9. I love this outfit!

    Congrats on making a big decision to do what makes you happy! I started getting ready to apply to grad school today and it made me realize that I'll be so much happier once I'm back in school... and then I realized I want to be a teacher or a professor.

    Yay for life decisions!! ;]]

    (If you need a sponsor for the US, I'm sure you can find someone who knows you from Minnesota. But if you need recommendations or anything, feel free to give them my e-mail.) :]

    xo Michelle

  10. I love this outfit. I've just started to think about moving back to Japan(where I had my year abroad) after uni. Seems like we're on similar paths! Good luck with your meeting I hope everything goes well xxx

  11. Yay Minnesota! I live 45 minutes away from Duluth. :) Yeah, Chicago is lonely and scary, as is NYC. Minneapolis is amazing; I'd love to move back there. :) Anyway, yay for your semi-decision to move! I hope it all works out for you. :)

    Maria Elyse
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    Flying Ships Vintage

  12. Hey! I've been following your blog for a while (I love it, btw!) and I just wanted to say, if you do decide to move to Chicago... that's where I live! I came here for university 4 years ago and stayed after graduating and yeah, it can be scary, but it was totally worth it. And there are lots of great journalism/writing opportunities! Just saying :).


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