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Wanna know something cool? This is my 500th blog post! I know, crazy right!! I'm going to London this evening and won't be back til Friday night, but I have a few outfits to post up and I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you about my work experience this week. Would you guys be interested in like a "Diary of a Fashion Magazine Intern" kinda thing this week?

1. Broken nail :[[
My thumb nail completely snapped off out of the blue on Monday! I was devastated!!
2. Nails for the week
I love having one sparkly nail
3. We Need to Talk About Kevin
Steph and I went to the cinema on Tuesday to see We Need to Talk About Kevin. I adored the book but I read it long ago enough not to notice any anomalies. It was pretty harrowing watching but I thought it was a great adaptation.

4. Cake!
This was Ed's birthday cake and Steph gave me a slice on Tuesday. It constituted my breakfast for Wednesday and Thursday
5. Leather shorts and suspender tights
This was what I wore on Wednesday, but I decided against the suspender tights. I have the outfit to put up next week.
6. Minnesota necklace
Erick bought me this before I left America and even though we've broken up, I still adore it. I think I'm ready to start wearing it again, especially as I want to move back there.

7. Go Bulldogs!
This was what I wore to my dance classes on Thursday.
8&9. Getting ready for drinks
Modcloth dress, Zara blazer and a scarf to protect my modesty!!

10. Sneaky white wine spritzer
I went for drinks with people from work and had a really great night. I love going out for drinks and catching up with people.
11. Shots!
And the unexpected shots that Benjy bought! I had the red one.

12-14. How to wear a red midi skirt
I tried out every option from this thread, before finally settling on the last outfit.

15. Library time
I'm that person who gets every single  book out on a topic when I'm researching something. I bet the other students hate me.
16. Study break
A grande skimmed milk Caramel Macciato and Grazia. Love.
17. Favourite library spot
I love looking out of the window.

18. Last minute Halloween costume
I dressed up 60s with a beehive, red lips and a spotty dress. I kinda looked like an exaggerated version of myself
19. Playboy bunny
Briony went as a playboy bunny- I loved her tail!!
20. Night out snapshot

21-23. Sick day
Before you accuse me of being hungover, I had half a glass of wine on Friday night, but spent the night feeling awful and yesterday in bed. I wore my cosy panda jumper for a quick run to the shops, ate my sick food of tomato soup and painted my nails.

24-28. Work experience outfits
I had to get packed this morning so I tried on all my outfits for the week to check everything looked okay. They told me there was no dress code but it was all about comfort, so I bought lots of dresses, flats and my black wedges
29. First class to London!
I completely forgot that I got a First Class upgrade for £3. Exciting!!

Have a great week guys, I'll update when I can!!

Charlotte x


  1. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great week. Loving your work experience looks! And your costume looks super cute

  2. Your photos are great this month :) I love seeing them. Good luck for the work experience. I'm really looking forward to hearing about it it xxxx

  3. Wow, 500 posts! Well done :)


  4. Oh, love your sick-day nails, great colours. Probably a silly question but, you must take the train to London? I mean, it must be too close to fly eh?


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