And you're tearing up your photos cause you wanna forget it's over

Without sounding too egotistical, I'm starting to feel like every one of my outfits recently has been a new favourite. This was another outfit that I just absolutely loved. I copied the layered maroon top from Sian, who wore this top under her daisy print dress when we went to Crystals and Crumpets. At first, I wasn't completely sold on the competing necklines, but I actually quite like it now. The socks were a last-minute idea, and the hat was actually kind of a joke at first. I'd been a bit upset and my housemate Briony was looking after me in my room when she tried my hat on, so I put it on myself. It was the final addition my outfit needed.

This dress makes me really miss living in America, purely because delivery from Modcloth is absolutely extortionate to the UK. I wish I'd taken advantage of it more when I was over there!! This was my 21st Birthday dress and also the dress I wore when Erick and I went to the Minneapolis sculpture garden, so it always holds happy memories for me. It's a little bit big, but I only realised today that you can tighten the corsetting at the back, so I might be able to adjust it a bit.


Today has been a weird day. I worked until 11pm last night (but it was quite fun- I ended up working with a girl I went to high school with so we were trading gossip from a million years ago, and we also managed to snag some free sandwiches left over from an event upstairs) and then I came home and watched Gok Wan with Beth. I got to bed about 12.30pm and was absolutely exhausted. I've spent the day crying on Briony (it's been one of those days!) writing articles and feeling pretty down and ill and tired. I did drag myself to dancing though and feel so much better because of it. I'm just about to get dressed up and ready now to go out with people on my course. I'm hoping it'll be fun.

dress- Modcloth
maroon top- New Look
shoes- New Look
hat- Marks and Spencers
necklace- New Look

Well, I'm at work all day tomorrow and then dancing so I'll be back on Friday!!
Have a lovely day!!

Charlotte x


  1. You look amazing Charlotte!! And I think all your outfits have been fabulous lately too =) They've been really inspiring me and I keep wanting to go out and buy things to copy your looks (ie. the shoes!). This dress is just so cute, I love the buttons on it, and what a clever idea layering it over the top ;) And the hat just looks awesome, I need to get a hat and wear it, I never wear hats but I think they look so good!

  2. Great dress! And I love the socks :)

  3. I love the sweater layered under this dress and the red knee high socks are ammmaazing, I want some! I've been loving your looks lately too dear :)

  4. You look lovely, I love that hat on you! Sorry to hear you have been having a rough day xo

  5. Red really seems to be your color! You look amazing in it...I'm sorry that your day was so exhausting, but at least you looked cute for it.


  6. I love this outfit! So glad you added the hat :) I love the way you and Sian both wore this shirt, it's such a gorgeous colour. I don't like to hear you've been sad :( Hope you've perked up a bit now. And I hope we can meet up soon!!! Amy xxx

  7. You look lovely! Everything looks so good together: the dress, hat, socks and cute shoes :) No wonder that it's your new favourite outfit! xo

  8. The hat is definitely the cheery on top here, and it looks so cute on you. I'm sorry you've been feeling down, hope you had a good time out!


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