Weekend Remix

(clockwise from top left)- outfit one/outfit two/outfit three

Until I bought this jumper (from New Look), I'd never really layered jumpers over dresses and shirts, with the exception of over plain white shirts and tank tops. This jumper was a revelation. I was wearing the lace dress in the first outfit when I tried it on, and I fell in love with the way it fits over a dress. It's slightly cropped, which I love because it works really well over high waisted skirts and shirts, and the side is slashed so it fits really loosely.  
I've only worn this jumper three times so far, and I seem to always team it with navy, beige and maroon. I have lots of ideas for other outfits involving this jumper!!

Which outfit is your favourite?


  1. I'm always a little nervous about layering a jumper over a dress in case it looks bulky but the cut on this one is fantastic. I love all these looks! xo

  2. my favorite with the lace dress.. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  3. I really like the outfit with the pants. Which is saying a lot what with my dislike of pants hah.


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