Make me your radio and turn me up when you feel low

(I've had this song on repeat all night. Love it.)

I have an embarrassingly long list of clothes that I haven't worn on this blog yet. This blouse and skirt were two of them. I've had them for over a month now. Maybe even longer. I just have a lot of clothes. I also have this thing about not "wasting" outfits by wearing them without photographing them. It's getting pretty bad now. I live in really, really unphotographable outfits on my non-blogging days. I really need to get my act together and rediscover my style when I'm not blogging. Or just blog more. Today was one of those days. I have class at 12 on a Monday and then I hang out til my dance classes which are at 5 and 7, and I get home around 8.15pm. By that point it's dark and I'm in my dance gear, hence no photos. So today, I snapped some before I went to class. I really need to start doing this. Otherwise I'm going to be wearing non-blog-day outfits more times a week than I should, and believe me, it's not pretty.

Now I'm back dancing again I have some semblance of routine in my life. My days are starting to take shape. I only have class Monday and Tuesday so I'm trying to organize the rest of my week to fit in reading, secondary reading and work on my dissertations. Plural. I have 6000 words for ACS (sorry, American and Canadian Studies) and 5000 words for English. Thankfully, I finally have an idea of my topics which means I can get working and get focused. I actually really love researching and writing essays #nerd. However, time spend on google books often ends up as time spent on ASOS, which was how the great scarf purchase of yesterday happened. I need rewards for my hard work though, right?

polka dot blouse- new look
jumper- new look
beige jumper- new look
brogues- new look

This outfit is head-to-toe New Look. I love New Look. I had a bit of a bender in there when I bought the skirt, blouse and jumper (which you've seen here and here before). I just love it in there. I have another outfit idea involving this top and skirt too, which I might wear tomorrow or another day this week. The blouse is really lovely- a perfect maroon colour with beige polka dots. The skirt is a little bit big (despite being a size 8, wtf). I kinda wish I'd tried a 6 on. Another downfall of waiting ages to wear something and take the tags out- it's too late to change it. Ah well. I'm kinda used to stuff being too big on my waist. Speaking of which, I'm getting a few things taken in tomorrow and I'm kinda excited. A few things I have that are too big just look silly on me now, so I'm excited to feel like I'm getting a new wardrobe in a way!! If it goes well I'm tempted to have a few of my other old favourite things taken in. There are some things I absolutely love that are too big now, but I know I won't be able to get the exact same thing so I'm hoping getting things altered is the answer. The place I rung seemed pretty cheap too so I'm excited!!

Oh and ombre nails!! Yay!!

Okay well I'm gonna go to bed (at 10pm. I know, I'm just so damn cool) because I have a 9am class tomorrow and I like sleeping. I have no idea how I used to get up at 6.30am for 8am lectures in Duluth. 
Oh and one last thing, tomorrow is the last day to vote for my in the Matalan Style Project. I'm currently in the lead but I would love those of you who haven't voted yet to help me out- thank you!!

Have a lovely evening,

Charlotte x


  1. I haven't bought much from New Look, but your outfit looks spectacular! :)

  2. The red bow over top your jumper is adorable. The skirt is a great color too.

  3. The red bow is SO cute, I love that comfy looking sweater with the red skirt. Such great colours together, perfect for fall!

  4. Lovely outfit. I'm in love with that burgundy colour at the moment!! Great post x

  5. Love your blouse, i'm in love with polka dot ;)

    xx, Leah.

  6. Haha, I do that too! When I know I don't have to photograph my outfit, I tend to slouch around in my workout pants and a comfy sweater. It's a bad habit.
    You look lovely! I really like the polkadot blouse peeking out, and your ombre nails! You have really pretty fingers, by the way. If that's not weird of me to say. :)

  7. I love your outfit!
    Amazing shoes and your nails are so fab!
    Fantastic blog!!!


  8. cute blouse. I tend to go to bed around 9:30 which makes me super cool :)

    Stop by & enter my Itunes Gift Card Giveaway!

  9. This has got a lovely mod vintage look to it!


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