All good.

Life is pretty good right now. I've settled in at uni now, and I'm back dancing, which, while I've been in pain now for two days, I love. I'm finally starting to get into a routine with things. I'm meeting people. I'm being productive. And you know what, I'm even starting to feel okay about things with Erick. We've been broke up for two months now and I've been waiting for that day when I wake up and it doesn't hurt as much. And this week, it happened. I'm not completely okay and I'm sure there will be wobbles, but I'm finally starting to feel like I can move on with my life. The anger and bitterness has gone, and I think in the future I could be friends with him again. He's an amazing person and we had an amazing relationship, but the timing and the geography was just wrong. It's taken a lot of time and tears for me to get here, but I have to keep going.

This was what I wore today. I received this dress a few weeks ago from Own The Runway but it's been too hot to wear leopard print. I warn you though, be careful what you wish for. Cold, rainy winter is coming in now and it's not as lovely as I anticipated. I had to change into my trench just after taking these as I was having far too many Marilyn moments, and believe me, there is nothing sexy about fighting your dress from flying up. Like rain, it never seemed to be windy in Duluth. I don't understand how it never seemed to be windy or rainy in a place where I lived literally next to a lake, but I won't question it. I guess though, like I've said before, I never went outside. I literally walked the 5 minute's walk to class and Erick took me everywhere else. I guess I never encountered the elements too much.

On a similar vein, when I was in Duluth, I forced myself to wear heels at least one day a week- I want to get used to them before I get a grown-up job. Like I said, I never went anywhere but to class, the library or the gym so it wasn't really a problem. It took me a song's length to walk to uni. Heels were not a big deal. Here, it takes me about 3 songs and some track skipping to get to uni. Heels are not as easy. I bought these cute little wedges as my winter heels but it's not the easiest thing to walk all the way to uni in them. I did wear them all day though. Aren't they adorable? I did want some that came further up my ankle, but I got fed up of looking. So voila, ankle socks!! I love this outfit. It feels very "me"- leather jacket, ankle socks, leopard print. I also wish I could bottle whatever it is that heels do to my legs. Instant long, lean legs- no more chunky stumps.

leopard dress- c/o Own the Runway
leather jacket- H&M
booties- New Look

I'm off out with the girls tonight. We're having cocktails here and then heading off into town. Should be nice to go out and have a dance. I've actually not changed that much- I swapped my dress for a black playsuit and swapped black wedges for my leopard booties. I'm really loving sheer printed tights at the moment!!

Well my makeup is done so I just have my hair to do. Better get ready!!
Have a great night guys!!

Charlotte x


  1. Love that dress.. looks gorgeous on you! Love your tights too :)

    The Deer Head


  2. This outfit is so you! Love the dalmatian-like tights :)

    I'm forcing myself to wear heels too, although it's very hard when there are cobblestones everywhere!

  3. Love, love, love, these polka dot tights.
    The leather jacket looks great with the animal print too :)

  4. I'm completely in love with this outfit! Love the tights/socks/shoes, and the tights texture with the leopard. It all goes together so well.
    Best tip from a lady with a grown up job: GET YOUR SHOES LOWERED! I got like 3 pairs of high heels lowered to be easier to walk/function in. Where I work has cobblestone streets which are a freaking nightmare for heels that are super high, and footpain makes everyone cranky. Also, platforms are a lifesaver, all one height=height minus pain.

    What kind of dance do you do?

  5. Love the shoes, clever thinking with the socks! :) xx

  6. This is very, very cute! I love that jacket and how perfectly it fits you, and the dress is also adorable!

  7. oh i just love your outfit soooo much!!! that dress is adorable and the wedges are awesome :)

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  9. I looove this, the leopard print dress is wonderful and especially with the leather jacket and polka dot tights!! Sooo cute. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  10. Leopard and leather just works so well! Fab outfit, I have wedges like this that I call my 'winter heels' too :P

    L x

  11. I'm so glad you're feeling a little better about Erick. It's so hard to deal with emotions like that on a daily basis, so I'm really glad you have a little relief. :)
    I love this outfit! Those tights are amazing, and so is the dress! Gorgeous.
    Have a happy weekend!

  12. LOVE this charlotte, such a great outfit all over.

  13. If I see these heels, I am officially copying you and buying them haha!! Then I'll copy you even more and wear ankle socks with them! They just look soooo good =D And that dress is awesome too, so perfectly you! I saw one very similar when I was shopping yesterday and I just thought: Charlotte!!
    Miss you! xx

  14. Those tights with that dress is genius. You look great! And I'm glad you're doing better, I read your post from a few days ago about the whole situation and I was wondering how you were doing. I have been so off the blog radar I totally missed the break up. I'm so sorry hun, I know that sucks- right now I'm struggling with a long distance relationship, and it's scary not knowing if we'll make it. Hugs.Also make the best of being home!

  15. Great outfit, really love it, and it looks awesome on you. Plus you just can't beat leather + leopard print, right?

    I walk about 15-20 minutes to get to work everyday, and I just bring my heels with me and change once I'm there. It's just not practical for me to go walking around in heels, not to mention it would be horribly painful in some of my shoes hah.

    Glad to hear you're coming along with the breakup. Jesse broke up with me out of nowhere on Friday not, and in a very not-nice way, so I know what you mean about waking up to it hurting. Stupid endless ache. But we'll both get better and move on.

  16. Love that dress.. looks gorgeous on you! Love your tights too :) 


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