A super-quick set of photos I took before work the other day to show off my new wellies. Yes, I jumped on the Hunter bandwagon, but hear me out. Last winter I walked to work in my Uggs to keep my feet warm, but as Ugg-owners will know, they're not exactly waterproof. They also started to let in water, which made soggy feet a bit of an issue. My plan was to get some cheapy wellies and wear those to work for this winter, but I couldn't find any I liked. Except for one pair, which I spotted right in the middle of No Shopping November and promptly sold out by the time December rolled around. Anyway, I was still on the hunt for some nice wellies, and my thoughts started to turn towards some Hunter wellies. I just couldn't justify the price. I'm not super-outdoorsy and I knew they would only get worn to and from work and on the occasional wet Saturday. But yet, I wanted some. To cut a long story short, a few weeks ago were announced as the 4th Best Company to Work For in the UK for the second year running, and on the Monday we had a pretty mental day at work. We were welcomed in by firebreathers, there was pick n mix, an ice cream van, a photobooth with props in the canteen, a guy singing to us at lunch, a magician. And me being me, I instagrammed all of it. Now what I'd forgotten was that they were giving a prize for the best picture at work, and the winner won a £50 voucher. And because of my incessant Instagramming, I won. I could have the voucher for anywhere I wanted, but I knew Amazon had reasonably priced Hunters, so I decided to have them from there. And I actually found a pair for £66. So my £85 Hunters were actually purchased for £16, thanks to the wonderful company I work for! I now wear them to and from work and they keep my feet lovely and warm and dry (especially because it is always terrible weather in Horwich. It has some kind of horrible microclimate of grey raininess). Oh and then I change into my normal shoes when I get to work. I don't plod around in these all day! If you are thinking of getting some, mine were from here and a sized down to a size 5 as I heard they run big. I'm somewhere between a small 5.5 and a 6 so they're perfect in a 5, with normal socks and a pair of tights underneath. And of course, I had to get bright red!
dress- River island
cardigan- Debenhams
wellies- Amazon
The last few weeks have been pretty mad around here. But with my half marathon being over, I actually have some time to enjoy other pursuits! I'm currently off running for a week and then next week I'm starting a new routine of running and strength. I've got the Great Manchester Run in May so my aim is just to work towards that. People are already asking me when my next half marathon is going to be (and many are asking me when my first full marathon is going to be!), and at the moment the answer is next year. I've spent all my running time so far building up my distance so now I'm going to work on my speed. I want a good year or so to build up my speed and enjoy short, fast runs, with a day of strength training per week. I'm not letting it take over my life again! I've also asked for Insanity for my birthday and I'd like two months off to do that too. Speaking of which, YAY BIRTHDAY! It's my birthday on Sunday. I am twenty four. It feels like yesterday I was 16. Nope, that was 8 years ago. Eight years ago, wow! Phil and I are going out for dinner tomorrow (I always use my free Birthday meal voucher from Las Iguanas!) and then Saturday we're going to Alton Towers! I cannot wait. I am such a child and I love rides. Plus I haven't been on The Smiler yet! Then we're going to Phil's parents' for tea. My actual birthday is probably going to mostly a usual Sunday (minus my usual 10+ mile run!) but in the evening we're going out for a meal at Albert's, one of my favourite restuarants. I'm really looking forward to it! We're going out for a team lunch tomorrow too so it's definitely a weekend of ALL THE FOOD. I absolutely love my new job though! Working in social media is an absolute dream. It's so great to look forward to going to work everyday!
I'll be back next week to share my birthday presents! Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums for Sunday!

Charlotte x


  1. What a lovely, happy post :) so nice to read such a cheerful piece. I love the Hunters and I think you should wear them at work! I also want to work there now, it sounds awesome! Have an amazing birthday weekend, you deserve a rest after the half marathon! xxx

  2. Seriously, you look so CUTE in your dots and glasses and bun. You look like a Kris Atomic illustration - love! In other news, it's Sunday in New Zealand, so Happy 24th Birthday to you! Obviously we've never met, but your charm and your gift for telling your story has reached all the way around the world to the Antipodes . . Big hugs! <3

  3. Happy birthday!! Yay! I'll be 24 in October and that feels weird already. I know what you mean about feeling like you were 16 just yesterday. Time flies!

    You look so cute here. You can't go wrong with polka dots and red. I'm not a huge fan of rain boots in general but these are super cute! The red shade is wonderful and I like that they hit higher up on your leg. Much more flattering than a lot of rain boots!


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