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I bought this dress before I knew every blogger and their dog had it. It is the quintessential blogger dress. It has everything- polka dots, cute collar, skater shape. But I did copy it from someone. Don't I always? I saw one of the girls at work wearing it a few weeks ago and straight away put "navy polka dot dress" into ShopStyle and there it was. The annoying thing is, she seems to wear it a lot to work so I'm too scared to wear it in case we wear it on the same day! Maybe I should make friends with her so we can come up with some kind of rota system. Anyway, I wore this a few weeks ago to go out for my Nan's birthday. I'm always a bit stumped when it comes to navy and tights. Do you go black tights and clash? Navy tights? If you go navy tights, what shoes do you go for? In the end I went for the classic red and navy combo and trusty nude tights. I apologise for the kind-of boring outfits lately. My creativity has been pretty low, especially as my mornings are so hectic, so I invested in new dresses instead of having to think about combinations. I've got a lot of free time this weekend though so I'm going to really spend some time outfit planning and getting ahead with blogging. I miss blogging when I'm busy!
polka dot dress- River Island
leather jacket- Boohoo
red heels- Marks and Spencer
Last week felt like the longest week ever. My manager was away on holiday so I was looking after all the display campaigns. I was doing pretty okay until there were questions I couldn't answer and unexpected things I couldn't do! Phil and I had a night in on Wednesday and then on Friday we had a double date with my friend Jenny and her boyfriend, which was lovely. I spent the weekend in Birmingham celebrating my friend Sarah's birthday- it was so good to see all of my uni girls! The only downside was due to a signally problem in Stoke it took me 3 hours to get home so I missed every little bit of sunshine on Sunday! I'm excited for Spring already, although time seems to be flying by. My half marathon is in less than two weeks (I'm so stressed about it I can't even talk about it!), and then it's my birthday! I'm organising to go to Alton Towers because I'm a child, and then on the Sunday (which is my actual birthday) I'm going out for a nice meal with my parents and Phil. And then it's April! I'm excited for April already. I'm away for my friend Katy's hen weekend in Amsterdam for a weekend, I have her wedding, and I'm going to see my favourite band, Brand New. Phil and I are hoping to sort out going to Venice in May or June too and I'm really hoping to get that booked next week!
I do have a (very late!) Month in Photos coming up this week too. New record on my latest one yet? Yep, I think so!

Have a great evening!

Charlotte x


  1. I love the dress and love how it has sleeves, so many dresses at the moment either have long sleeves or no sleeves!

  2. Gorgeous, i love your dress <3

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